Planning Your Child’s Party

Planning Your Child’s Party

Your little one’s first birthday party is coming up and you want everything to be perfect. That’s why as early as a few months, you’re already at your wits end looking for the perfect entertainers and wracking your brain for the best theme to make his or her first celebration the most memorable ever.

You might have been spending sleepless nights as the days progress and the big day nears. However, you need not feel so much pressure in planning your child’s birthday party. With the guidelines that will be mentioned here, you’ll be able to breathe more easily after and feel more confident that your kid’s party will be successful.

Should You Have A Theme?

Anybody with a child will tell you that kids will jump at the opportunity to dress up and get into a make believe world. It won’t matter whether he or she will be dressed as an affluent princess or a walking trash can, as long as it involves having to wear a costume and being the center of attention for a while, children will embrace the chance. Thus, if you want to have an extra fun birthday celebration for your child, a themed party should be in the works.

The theme could be very specific, like pirates, luau, outer space, princess, or whatever, or it could just be a party where everyone can dress up as anyone or anything they like. You can make up your kids costume or you can purchase a ready made one directly from a costume shop or a party supplies store.


Ask your child who he or she wants to be present at his or her party. Remember, it’s his or her big day so his or her opinion counts the most. Of course, invite some close adult friends and kids of adult friends whose ages are nearer to your child’s so he or she will be exposed to other faces and learn to make new friends.

Also, if you want to control the number of guests that will be arriving, it won’t be rude to include an RSVP on your invitation, even if it’s just for an informal children’s party. The cost of throwing themed parties, or any party, has been rising nowadays, so you might want to keep your cash outflow in check. In addition, having an idea how many people are coming will help you determine the size of the venue, how much food or how many goodie bags you will be preparing.

The Party Itself

There is no such thing as over-preparation to any parent who is bent on making his or her child’s birthday party as grand and memorable as ever. However, you must be prepared to face the responsibility of planning the party. If this is too much work for you and you feel you might not have the time to sit down and plan everything, you can hire a professional party planning expert to do the dirty work for you.

As with all parties, the key goal of the party your are planning is enjoyment – your child’s, in particular. Hence, you must always keep his or her welfare in mind whenever you make decisions about how the event is carried out. Consult with your child about what he or she wants and make sure you coordinate with your planner (if ever you have one) at all times.