People vs. Products: How To Boost Your Home Business Party Sales

People vs. Products: How To Boost Your Home Business Party Sales

Home party businesses have existed for decades. Stanley Home products, for example, began with door-to-door salesmen in the 1940s. By the 1950s this business had moved to away from front doors and took a seat on living room couches, surrounded homemade punch and cake along with a lovely hostess. While women have moved out of the home and into the corporate world since the inception of the home party business, this genre of work is still booming. Those who find success in the home party business have found a few simple methods that help them boost their home business party sales.

Attitude matters. Home business owners must learn to not just sell their product but to sell themselves. This means they should prove the product’s usefulness with their own use of the product. Imagine a Mary Kay agent who uses Cover Girl products. It just would not make sense, and it says little about the product. Those who are willing to invest their time into selling a product via a home party understand that they are selling more than the product. Their own testimony matters.

Consumer care matters. Successful business partners of the home party business will look at their customers as more than a meal ticket. They learn to engage in friendly conversation at the part and learn about their clients needs. They also learn to gear their presentations and recommendations to the client’s specific needs. Are the clients young moms? Empty nesters? Retired grandparents? A great salesman will be able to boost her home business party sales by presenting the best product for her potential clients’ needs.

Caring about the client also means spending some time on paper work after the party. Great home party business entrepreneurs know the importance of follow up. They send out notes inquiring about the customer’s needs and even thank you notes for the customer’s purchase. They take the time after hostess has wiped the last crumb to remember what made the home party successful in the first place: willing customers.

Finally, a successful home party business person will maintain rapport with her clients and hostess by paying attention to them outside of the party environment. Great business people understand the importance of a kind word when bumping into a potential client at the grocery store. Even if the individual did not place an order, the successful entrepreneur will express a warm attitude towards that person and call him or her by name. Who knows? This may even lead to an eventual sale.

Home party sales have existed for decades. Great sales people understand what they must do to successful boost their home business party sales. By following these few, simple tips, they experience success which not only keeps them in business but allows for a hefty commission at the end of each party.