Party Your Boss Will Love

Party Your Boss Will Love

Just because a party supposed to be fun it doesn’t mean you don’t have to take planning it seriously. Yes, the more carefully you plan your next party the more likely it becomes the party your friends will talk about for a long time to come.

What makes a good party? The right answer is “It depends.” Yes, it depends on what the party is supposed to accomplish. You must know the purpose for your party. Based on the reason of your party you can start planning. If you want to impress your boss, you will throw a very different party than if you wanted to impress your girlfriend.

Some parties have a more functional purpose than others. If you are planning a party to invite your boss and coworkers to help you get that promotion you have always wanted, you have to make sure they are having a good time. You have to find out what it is they consider a good time. You should research the kind of food they like and the kind of drinks they enjoy the most. If they enjoy your party you will most likely grow in their eyes.

A party with your boss is normally not what people would consider a “wild” event. Normally, it is considered a business function than a totally relaxing event. Think of it as an extension of your own promotional system. During a party like this you are working. Your preparation should be similar to the preparation of a good business presentation. Often, your boss wants to know that you know how to have fun without being out of control.

If you are inviting friends or family to the party make sure they will not embarrass you, because the results could be devastating. You don’t want to be embarrassed by people losing control because they think that’s what a party is all about.