Party Sounds And Uproars

Party Sounds And Uproars

Bang! Clang! Swoosh! Clap, clap, clap! Ding! Dobidobidoo! A party is not a party without all the commotion and the noise that comes with it. In the Chinese tradition, the onset of the New Year at exactly midnight should be greeted and met with noise and clamor to drive out the bad spirits and vibes of the past year and welcome the new one fresh. A birthday party is always fun when it has the complete elements of music and sounds that translate happiness and celebration.

The market offers a wide range and selection of noisemakers that can suit any party theme. Here are a few popular choices.


Whistling is a neat trick. You just purge your lips together and push air towards the front of your mouth to produce a high pitched sound. Albeit whistling is fairly easy not everyone can do it. What better way to satisfy this frustration than getting a whistle. These woodwind gadgets work by forcing a stream of air in the device thereby producing a whistling sound. Whistles are popular among children and are well liked party favors. Party whistles are usually made of plastic and come in bright colors.


From its name itself, you can be clued in that this party good makes a lot of noise. This contraption works like a horn with innovations. When blown, the roll of paper shaped like a tongue attached to the horn is unfurled and a reverberating noise is created. This item is a favorite not only by kids but by adults as well. It is a fun way of sort of sticking your tongue at someone or getting to tickle someone’s ear by blowing out into them.


If you love dancing and music, you can never go wrong with Maracas. Maracas are percussion instruments which are usually made up of dried seeds contained in coconut shells. Just shake and make some party noise.

Horns and Trumpets

These party favors come in miniature shapes and brighter colors than their actual counterparts. But you can bet that they can generate the same volume of sound or at times noise as the bigger ones. These party noisemakers are perfect for those aspiring musicians of any age.


Tambourines like the Maracas are all good for a festive dance party. The small metal jingles securely attached to a wooden or plastic frame makes a great sound. Few shakes here, some rattles there and just let all the party fun times roll.


A round of applause is always welcome. Although one can definitely and easily make a clapping sound with their two hands, there is something about clappers that attracts the kid in all of us. These clappers are made of plastic and vivid colors that entice us to give those hands a rest and let the clappers do the job.

Party poppers

Party poppers are a great delight in parties. They not only produce a big bang but they boost the surprise and merriment with a cascade of paper confetti that blasts out of its cans when sufficient pressure is applied.

Crackers snaps

This party good is made up of two pieces of thin narrow cardboard joined together. The central point is treated with silver fulminate, a kind of explosive material. The fun comes when two partygoers pull the free ends of the snap causing the center to break and set off an explosion.

These crackers may contain a small bit of paper with a motto or a note in them. This could be one great match-making idea at a party.