Party Favors Make The Occasion Memorable

Party Favors Make The Occasion Memorable

There are lots of great dates to throw a killer party, and the addition of party favors can add some fun to the celebrations. Here are some party favor ideas for some holidays that are a little bit out of the traditional.

St. Patrick’s Day: It hasn’t received National Holiday recognition yet, but there is a great tradition of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in North America. It’s been almost three months since anyone last threw a holiday party, so this might account for some of the festivity that surrounds the day. Arm bands in green and white with a shamrock on them make for a great wearable party favor for the Irish holiday, and of course you can fit shamrock designs in anywhere you like. Shamrock boxes filled with candies, shamrock candles, even small shamrock figures will add some extra luck to your St. Patrick’s Day party.

Cinco de Mayo: Cinco de Mayo is making its way north in terms of party celebrations. Americans have begun to adopt the holiday more for the flashiness of the event than anything else (It originated in Mexico as a celebration of the country’s defeat of the French in 1862). For Cinco de Mayo party favors, it’s all about adding that Latin flavor. Maracas are a great inclusion, colorfully decorated and fun to use. Try to find or make your own sombreros as candy holders.

Sports Events: Major sporting events make for a great excuse to throw a party, and the addition of party favors is a fun and often humorous way to liven up the room. Super Bowl party-throwers should look into mini-helmets and footballs as a fun way to liven up the conversation. The World Series offers similar party favor accessories, look into mini team mugs and, of course, baseballs are cheaper by the dozen. The ubiquitous bobbleheads are also widely available and not too expensive, they can make for a great conversation piece and fun party favors.

Whatever the occasion, even if they are not considered to be national holidays yet, throwing a party is a great way to let off some steam and relax with your friends. Party favors always liven up an event and give people something to remember the party by.