Home Party Business

Home Party Business

Many entrepreneurs are finding great success with a home party business. There are many ways to run a successful business without having to leave home and, yes, even by throwing a party. Ok, perhaps it’s not a typical party, but it is a party nonetheless and everyone will have a terrific time.

A growing number of women are becoming avon affiliates. This has always been a popular way to earn extra money, but some people are earning big bucks by inviting friends and family to an avon party. What this means is that the company representative, which would be you, invites everyone to their home for food, drinks and a showing of products. You would provide samples, discuss new products and accept orders. This is a terrific way to have a great time with everyone while earning some extra money at the same time.

Another option for a home party business is with jewelry. Any type of jewelry will work for this, including gold, sterling or costume. After inviting friends and family, you would offer to show some samples of jewelry. Pass them around and allow everyone to see the pieces up close or even try them on to see which they like. At the end of the evening, you would accept orders for jewelry and let everyone know when to expect the arrival of their products. In addition to a jewelry party, a cosmetics home party business is also a terrific idea.

Have you ever heard of Passion Parties? “Thousands of other women are supplementing incomes… by selling their products in at home demonstrations. At least 10,000 Passion Parties are held each month in private homes.

When starting a home party business, you will need to sign up as an affiliate with a well-known company. Many top name businesses are more than happy to take on new representatives because, the more you sell, the more money they make. In turn, you earn commissions from every sale. In this scenario, everyone is happy. If your home party business is a success, friends and family will refer other people they know and so on. Before you know it, new people will be showing up at your parties.

If you need to attract the attention of new guests, offer a contest. Perhaps the winner will receive a free piece of jewelry, tube of lipstick, bottle of perfume, basic Tupperware set or other surprise. A home party business is really a double bonus. You will have the opportunity to enjoy a nice evening of socializing, earning extra money and your friends and family will get to sample some terrific new products.