Help Me Use This iPhone Thing!

Help Me Use This iPhone Thing!

The iPhone is a truly terrific new phone, one that allows you to both make and receive calls, and perform many other tasks with a simple touch of a button. There are so many different and worthwhile iPhone features. In order to take full advantage of this revolutionary device, you will want to understand all about these iPhone features as you possibly can.


Certainly, the most common task that the iPhone is used for is making and receiving phone calls. The process involved is incredibly simple, and making a call is incredibly easy. All you have to do is finger tap an entry that you have listed in one of your contacts, favorites, or the recent calls lists. You will then begin the call to the particular contact that you have selected.

In answering calls you have a few more options available. For instance, when someone attempts to call you, the phone will ring while simultaneously displaying the caller’s given information. You can “tap Answer”, or if the phone is locked all you would normally do is drag the slider. If you are listening to music through a headset, then click the mic button to answer, and you will be instantly connected to the call.


This is another popular iPhone feature, and SMS, or text messaging as it is more commonly referred to to the general public, is a great feature on any device. The software design created by Apple recognizes that most of us really get into text messaging with our friends. Apple helps you here by tracking your SMS exchanges in speech bubbles, this is so you can easily scroll back and remind yourself of what was said previously in each conversation.

This is especially useful for those who text message with a variety of different people at a time, and keeping track of each separate conversation will stay on top of what topics they were talking about.


Voicemail, of course, is another of the iPhone features, and the greatest thing about the voicemail feature on the iPhone is that it is displayed visually. What this means is that you can pick and choose between the different voicemails that you want to hear, and delete them at your convenience, rather than having to go through the voice mails and decide only by using audio. In the end, this results in saving you a great deal of time and money.