Graduation Party Planning

Graduation Party Planning

Do you want to have the most exciting graduation party in town? It can be done, but it requires a lot of careful planning. The following should help you create a party that would honor that special graduate!

Most importantly, decide on your budget. Don’t worry if you have a small budget. Small budget forces you to be more creative, and it doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the quality.

Your budget is going to have a big impact on the size of your guest list. You can only invite as many people as you can afford to feed. When preparing your guest list, you need to consider the size of the place of the party. There should be only as many people as your home can accommodate.

The most common location for graduation parties is private homes. If your home is too small for a large party, you can ask to see if the party could be held at a friend’s house. If your party is going to be held in an apartment consider noise, parking, and space issues.

The type of food your serve has a lot to do with your budget and your audience. If your budget only allows for pizza, you can still have a great time. If you can afford catering, your guest will be sure remember it for a long time. Don’t serve alcohol if you expect children at the party.

To save money, you can purchase preprinted invitations, and print or hand-write them. Hand written invitations are more personal, and often more appreciated. Depending on your guests, you can send e-mail invites.

Purchase supplies for decorations. Make sure there is film in the camera, or there is enough memory in the digital camera. Try to order a cake with a graduation theme.

You could choose a theme for the party depending on what school the person graduates from. For example, you could have a hospital theme for your nursing school graduate.

Order personalized party favors with the name and school of the graduate. Personalized chocolate makes for a great graduation party favor. You can even get personalized m&m’s now!