Gobble Gobble {Weekly Workouts}

Now, let’s get to the good stuff. When I accepted my new job a little over a year and a half ago in Virginia, I started to play around with the times I would workout. In my past positions, I didn’t have a lot of flexibility. Working 2p-midnight –> um, I’ll work out before I go into work, thank you very much and working 6a-4p –> only option was a 4am workout or after work. My workouts were sporadic at best those 3 years.

Fast forward to my new position and an average day is 8-6. I tried working out after work, but most days I was just too tired or unmotivated. My workouts were blah, and if I had to work past 6 (o the life of facilities management), I would stress over when I got my workout in. So, for the past year and a half I’ve been getting up at 4:40am to get in my workout. Sure, some days it is harder to get out of bed than others, but Nick and I are fortunate that our schedules match up right now, and we both get in our workout at the same time. Having him next to me getting out of bed makes it a lot easier to get up and put my big girl pants on.