A Pottery Party fit for a Princess

A Pottery Party fit for a Princess

If you have a daughter I am sure you are constantly searching for the perfect birthday party that will be fun and entertaining. One great way to make your little princess have a very special birthday is by throwing a “paint your own pottery” birthday party for her and a few of her closest friends. This can be an expensive prospect if you invite her entire second grade class but if you limit it to 6 or 8 of her very best friends then you should be able to keep costs under control to some degree.

The thing to keep in mind with a party such as this is to plan ahead. Many pottery shops that allow visitors to paint their own pottery will have deals and bargains that may be struck for birthday parties, showers, and other group events. By making plans early you can select one piece or a couple of pieces from which the girls can choose and establish a price for each piece and the firing of the pieces once the party ends.

If there aren’t any party plans around the pieces that strike the fancy of your little princess, though most have some fairly interesting pieces, you could perhaps establish a theme such as allowing each friend to make her own tea cup for a tea party theme. Each shop has a little something different to offer so keep this in mind when making plans. If you have an item in mind for the party that may be limited in availability make sure to reserve those pieces ahead of time so that you will have plenty for your party guests to paint.

Another reason you need to plan ahead for parties of this nature is that most facilities require advanced notice in order to work out bargain pricing and many will provide a special room for the party guest in which you can bring food, drinks, and party favors for a little more fun and to add to the festivities. Your little princess is likely to agree that this is much more fun than an afternoon at that pizza party place and the guests will each be able to bring home a fabulous trinket and example of her artistic talents. Many of these facilities will require a certain deposit for reservation of the party room and you really should book as early as possible in order to insure the room is free during the time you wish to hold your little princess pottery party.

If this is going to be a coed party there is no need to fret. There are plenty of pieces that can work for male or female guests and you can make small adjustments to the party theme to accommodate either or both if you have siblings or boy best friends to consider in the bargain. Regardless, a pottery party is still a fairly fun and unique party prospect for most kids and will definitely boost your ratings on the ‘world’s coolest parent’ totem pole until the next major battle brews at least.

Things you will want to consider before booking a party of this nature are the guests that will be invited. If this party is fit for boys and girls you will want this knowledge when making plans so that you may choose options accordingly. I don’t know many boys who want princess crowns or teacups as a parting gift. You should also know the number of people you plan to invite. These parties typically charge a per guest rate and it can be quite high. Keep the invites small if possible or plan to invest a significant amount of money into making this party great. Also keep in mind that this really isn’t a suitable environment for very small hands. There are many fragile items on display and all around. To avoid cuts and damages, keep the little ones at home for this particular excursion. Most importantly-have fun!