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Setting a Budget for a New Years Eve Party

Setting a Budget for a New Years Eve Party

If you are planning a New Years Eve party, you probably already realize you need to set a budget for your party. This is important because going over budget on your party can cause a significant financial strain on the host of the party. You likely want to provide a great New Years Eve party for all of your guests but you do not want to go into considerable debt to do this. The best way to throw a successful New Years Eve party is to set a budget based on the amount of cash you have available and working within that budget to create the most spectacular New Years Eve party possible. This article will examine the importance for setting a budget for your New Years Eve party and will offer advice for setting your budget for each aspect of the party.

The first step in setting a budget for your New Years Eve party is to first consider the total amount of money you wish to spend. Ideally this amount will be equal to the amount of money you have available to spend and will not cause you to go into debt to throw the party. However, hosts who have a very limited amount of funds available may opt to use a credit card to throw their party knowing they will be going into debt for the party. Once you have an overall budget, you can set individual budgets for each element of the party.

Some of the individual elements to consider when planning a New Years Eve party are location, invitation, decorations, food, beverages, entertainment and incidental items. When considering these items, the host should prioritize these items to determine which elements are most important. This will give the host a good idea of how to distribute the available funds. For example if the host decides that food and beverages are more important than entertainment, she will likely allot a larger portion of the budget to food and beverages than she would to entertainment. Likewise if she values entertainment over food and beverages she will likely allot more money to entertainment than she does to food and beverages. Once the priorities are determined the host should assign a percentage of the total budget to each of the expenses on their list. This percentage should be based on the importance of the expense as well as other factors such as overall cost of the items. The host may consider the invitations to be important but they are also relatively expensive. The host may opt to assign a large percentage of the budget to the invitations but it shouldn’t be a higher percentage than more expensive items such as the food or entertainment receive.

The most important aspect of setting a budget for your New Years Eve party is to carefully follow that budget. As purchases are made for the party, it is important to document each purchase and the price of the purchase to ensure the budget is not being exceeded. If the host exceeds the budget in one category, it will be necessary to decrease the budget in another category to ensure the overall budget is not exceeded. It is also important to keep the overall budget in mind when making each purchase to ensure you will meet your overall financial goals.

Themed Parties For Children

Themed Parties For Children

Parties are a great way to bring people together. When talking about children, parties are a perfect way for them to learn to socialize and relate with other kids. If a party is interesting enough for them, they’ll be talking about it for days on end.

That’s why it’s important to keep in mind that if you’re planning to host a party for children, you have to make sure it holds their attentions for more than just a few minutes to be successful.

One good way to keep the kids interested in the entire event is to host a themed party. A themed event is easier to pull off because you have only one look and feel to work with. For example, if you intend to throw a fairy themed party for children, the young guests may be asked to come in costumes (fairies or elves) and you can have the whole venue decorated to look like pixie forest.

You can also tailor the food that you will serve according to the theme. You don’t really need to come up with new dishes. You can simply rename and redecorate regular party fare, like spaghetti, burgers, hotdogs and cupcakes, to make them look and sound according to the theme you chose.

If you have a Halloween party, for instance, you can renamed spaghetti into ‘blood and guts’. (Don’t worry. Most children are not usually squeamish with names. In fact, they find it quite amusing.)

If you don’t want your guests to spend so much with costumes, you can opt to hold a themed party and not require them to come in costumes. It’s how you carry out the party that matters. But, of course, getting your guests in costumes would make your party pictures look so much better.

Staple to a themed party, and other children’s party, for that matter, are the fun games. Again, like the food, you can just rename the games to fit your theme. You can also hire entertainers from outside to give your party an extra kick. For a fairy party, mascots dressed as magical trees or older fairies and elves will keep the children interested.

Nothing’s to stop the adult guests from joining in, too! Any children’s party is not just for the children, but also for the child at heart. If you have a themed party, surely the adult guests will also have a blast, not just watching the kids have fun, but also because they get the chance to relive the moment when they were still kids.

Getting to Know More About the Newest Insect Control Innovation: Making Your Tailgate Party Insect-Free

Getting to Know More About the Newest Insect Control Innovation: Making Your Tailgate Party Insect-Free

Football equals Party, no other sport is so related to a party. Superbowl weekend attracts no American like any other sport event can. So its no wonder that many people don’t care if they don’t even get inside the stadium, having a tailgate party would be enough. A TV showing the action could spark the emotions in people just like watching the game itself.

When you say tailgate party the first thing that comes to mind is football and beer. But anyone could do that. To make a party that everyone remembers is to make a party that’s a cut above the rest. The first thing to consider is having a party that’s extremely comfortable. That includes having a party that’s insect free.

Insects can be a nuisance when your having fun, its not enough that they’re irritating, they have to get into the food.

There’s no other party spoiler as devastating as the invasion of insects. They get into the food and ruin everything else

This is a party buster that can ruin a heck of a good time.

There are certain measures that a good tailgate host can do to make a party error and pest free.

One of the most reliable insect control innovations is having the electronic insect zapper. They emit a sound and light that’s attuned to the insects and diverts its attention to the device and away from the party.

Usually, this is battery powered and emits a light that’s virtually extremely attractive to insects. Once they get near, they get zapped with a small electrical discharge that eliminates the insects and pests.

There are also some innovative scientific insect control gadgets that rely on sound waves that deflect the incoming wave of ants. Ants can be the bane of any outdoor party. Just leave a dish uncovered and you could find a swarm of ants covering it.

Fight fire with fire. Innovative small spurting canisters emit controlled fire to eliminate pests and insects. Take out your mini tank and extinguish the insects and pests that can eventually ruin your party. Just do this before your guests arrive.

But most importantly, keep your food properly enclosed. Closing it eliminates the escape of scent, which attracts the insects and pests. If they don’t know there’s a treat for them, they wont bother you. Prevention is still the best control over pests and insects.

The next time you plan a party or picnic, make use of odor-free, no leakage food containers. Also keep that insect at a distance and away from the food. Don’t let your parties ruined by a bunch of insects.

The internet is still your best source for the newest insect control innovation.

Plan Your Next Party Like A Pro

Plan Your Next Party Like A Pro

“You’re invited…” are always welcome words to hear− whether it’s to a barbeque, birthday party, cocktail party, graduation, housewarming, girls’ night out or other special event. However, most people think planning a successful party takes a lot of time and effort. Not true, according to Evite, the leading social event- planning service on the Web.

“By following simple party- planning rules, you can plan a fabulous bash in very little time,” said Jessica Landy Raymond, a planning expert for Evite. “Your guests will be so impressed, they’ll think you hired a pro!”

Organization is essential for seamlessly planning a great social event. Evite has helped millions of hosts plan successful events and offers these tips to take the hassle out of party planning:

1. Choose an event theme-A good theme ensures that guests interact with one another. A great theme-such as a barbecue luau, beach party, ’70s-inspired disco, masquerade ball or poker night- will make your party unforgettable.

2. Create an event checklist-Be sure everything gets done on time with a comprehensive to-do list that includes everything from determining an overall budget and selecting an event date to choosing the perfect venue and making a guest list. For tips and sample checklists, check out Evite’s Party Checklist.

3. Bring the theme to life-Pull all the pieces of the party together neatly by selecting invitations, decorations, activities and music that complement your theme.

4. Plan the food and beverage menu-The event theme should inspire your menu and beverages. Make sure you have enough food and drink for your guests by consulting recipes and drink calculators during the planning process. For help, try Evite’s Drink Calculator and Party Menus & Recipes

5. Relax and enjoy the event!-Remember, the number-one party-planning tip is to not stress about any little things that go wrong. Everyone is there for a good time, and the host should be, too!

Tapping into online party-planning resources is a simple and easy way to fulfill all your planning “to dos.”

The New Party Poker

The New Party Poker

Online gaming sites are always changing — upgrading software, improving features and functionality, getting rid of bugs and bad ideas, inventing new offerings, etc. — all in a furious effort to remain competitive. A consistent leader of the online gambling pack, Party Poker, is often at the cutting edge of these new and improved releases. Not only has Party Poker done it again with their latest upgrade, but with the elimination of one of their programs (skins), and brand new partnerships with other leading edge online casinos and online poker rooms.

The first thing to be aware of with Party Poker’s new upgrade is that all the bugs may not yet have been completely ironed out (which simply means updates to the upgrades will be forthcoming). There have been some reports that uninstalling earlier versions of the Party Poker software after installing the new upgrade could lead to problems, so we would hold off on that uninstall if we were you. Of course, now that we said that, some of you may be wondering why you would even bother downloading the upgrade. Here’s why:

re: Lobby
– Games are listed by blinds rather than maximum buy-in
– Hands per Hour are included amongst the lobby stats
– Cash games are divided into Limit, No Limit, and Pot Limit
– More limits added to Cash Games
– Player’s available cash and Party Points are prominently displayed
– Filters are given to help narrow down your selection of tables/games
– Tables are given names rather than numbers
– The news ticker has been made more prominent
– Tournaments are divided into groups for easier searching

re: Tournaments
– Tournament buy-ins now include entry fees
– Tournament players start with more chips (Sit-and-Go’s: 2,000, Multi-Table: 3,000, “Events”: 5,000)
– There’s a new tournament blind structure
– More buy-ins available for Sit-and-Go’s
– Sit-and-Go levels have changed so that now they are based on time rather than hands played
– The payout structure is flatter

re: Party Poker Accounts
– Players can easily switch between Party Poker and Party Casino all from one place

– The Account Page has been streamlined for greater efficiency and ease of use

re: Miscellaneous features
– Players can shrink windows for multi-tabling
– Optional automatic window tiling and cascading

As you may know, a skin is an independent site that uses another site’s software (in this case Party Poker’s) in exchange for a percentage of revenues. PartyGaming, parent company of Party Poker as well as host of Party Casino and Party Bingo has decided to terminate its skins, instead purchasing those sites as secondary PartyGaming sites (and presumably raking in 100% of the revenues).

In place of their newly defunct skins, Party Poker is now joined by the following new members of the PartyGaming family: IntertopsPoker, MultiPoker, PlanetLuck Casino, PokerNow, and Starluck Casino Online. Party Poker’s most recent acquisition, as of February 2006, was former Party Poker skin Empire Poker, which they purchased for $250 million. Those Party Poker folks are building quite the Empire (some bad puns just beg to be voiced).

Party Poker, who according to Reuters signed up a record number of new players last year, is a publicly traded company on the London Stock Exchange.

Ten Kids Party Planning No-nos

Ten Kids Party Planning No-nos

Avoid the most common and obvious pitfalls many parents encounter when planning their first kids party. Tap into the knowledge of experienced party planners who’ve learned to steer clear of the “Ten Kids Party Planning No-Nos”.
Your intentions were good when you invited everyone in little Tommy’s classroom to celebrate his birthday, but you didn’t realize what it’s like when 20 active 6 year olds get together all in one place! Add excitement and sugary food and you’ve got a real problem!
Do yourself a favor and match the number of party guests to the birthday child’s age a tried and true formula from countless Moms and Dads experienced in hosting successful kids parties.
Your invitation should state clearly the Who, What, When, and Where of your party, as well as an RSVP date, phone number, and name to call. Add any special instructions such as what to wear, and whether a meal will be served or just cake and ice cream. Writing the name of the invited guest clearly will, in most cases, avoid siblings crashing your party.
Protect yourself and your party guests by doing a pre-party sweep of the party area for potential hazards. Stowe your precious possessions and breakables in a safe place for the duration of the party. If very small children will be in attendance, make sure you have outlet covers in place and that loose change and other items that can be swallowed are out of sight.
During the party, be vigilant about letting balloons, or pieces of them, get into the hands of little ones. Avoid serving any food that could trigger nut allergies in children.
This goes for both the party host/hostess and the guests. As the party planner, be sure you have adequate adult help to supervise all the party guests, play games, serve food, and clean up. Usually other parents are happy to assist, with the promise of reciprocation at their child’s event.
Putting on your child’s party shouldn’t mean you can’t enjoy the proceedings too!
Guests should not be over-scheduled either. Make sure you have allowed ample time and that the age group has the attention span and ability to tolerate all the elements of your party plan. In general, a one hour celebration is optimal for toddlers and pre-K kids, while older school age children can handle 2-3 hours easily. Plan a winding down activity or story time for younger kids.
This brings to mind the dreaded scenario of a bunch of overstimulated kids running amok because you’ve run out of games and activities with which to engage them. Don’t let it happen to you! Always have extra games and prizes in your bag of tricks to tame the little monsters! You don’t have to use them, but at least you’ll be prepared.
Four year olds will love playing “Duck Duck Goose”, but charades or a scavenger hunt are way beyond them. Do a trial run of all your planned party games with the birthday child prior to party time to avoid any difficulties that might arise.
Stuff happens! That’s why you should always have a back-up plan for your party. Have an indoor alternative for outdoor parties in case of inclement weather. Confirm your entertainment a week in advance, but plan a few extra games or a party-themed video in case the entertainment falls through. Above all, resolve to keep your cool and handle whatever comes up with grace.
There’s nothing worse than party guests grabbing gifts and opening them for the party child. Or, the birthday child tearing open wrappings and casting gifts aside without a proper thank-you. You might consider opening gifts privately after the party’s over to avoid any unkind comments from the birthday child, or jealousy on the part of the guests.
If you’re determined to navigate these dangerous waters, here’s a lifesaver for you: Have guests sit in a circle holding their gifts. The party child sits in the middle and spins a bottle to determine whose gift s/he will open. This keeps the insanity to a minimum and allows you time to record the names of gifts and gift-givers for thank-you notes later.
It’s so convenient to fall into this trap, but remember… a gift worth receiving is a gift worth giving thanks for… Thank you notes are always in style, and if you follow the instructions above for avoiding the gift-opening free-for-all, you’ll be in good shape to write accurate ones.
Children will view this as a fun project if you provide them with colorful notes and markers or help them design an original on the computer. My kids always like to write out the addresses on the envelopes, too – it makes them feel grown up.

Party Decorations Tips And Ideas

Party Decorations Tips And Ideas

Your party’s overall atmosphere will be enhanced by your chosen party decorations. Plus, guests get to enjoy and feel the occasion more with the right themed party decorations. Planning is key in the selection and purchase of your party needs.

Before even purchasing any party decorations based on your color scheme and theme, you must be aware of the type of party that you will be having. This doesn’t mean knowing if it’s a baby shower, a birthday, an anniversary etc. This goes deeper than that and goes into the details like whether it is informal or formal, traditional, serious, etc. Depending on the party, the type will dictate your decorations from color, accessories and even activities.

For a party that includes a full meal whether it is buffet or seated, part of your decorations will have to be your china, napkins, linens and crystal glasses. It is important to consider that your decorations should not clash with your china. For your napkins, you do fancy folds for a more distinct look. Formal table cloths or linens may be used for formal parties while plastic or disposable table cloths may be used for informal ones. If you will be holding an outdoor party, make sure that you provide provisions for covering the various dishes to prevent insects from getting into them.

Other table decorations that could be considered include candles, napkin rings, place cards, flowers or fruit arrangements.

When it comes to room decoration, the possibilities are endless so don’t focus only on your table decorations. You have your walls, windows and even ceiling. Suggestions for decorations include crepe paper streamers or balloon arrangements that could be taped on windows and doors, tied on furniture or made to float on the ceiling or scattered on the floor. Light strings in plain color add a formal touch to any formal party. For less formal parties you can use colored lights.

Add decorative accessories especially for themed parties. A Halloween party gives more of a spooky feel with decorative cobwebs on the various house corners, jack-o-lanterns, bats and even skeletons in an open closet. Formal parties would need lesser decorations but you can use small bowls containing candies or nuts that people can munch while waiting for the party to start. They are not only effective table decors; guests will enjoy eating them too.

For your party decorations, start with what you have and then try to borrow from relatives or friends. Otherwise, there are many places from which you could find party decorations.

A Pottery Party fit for a Princess

A Pottery Party fit for a Princess

If you have a daughter I am sure you are constantly searching for the perfect birthday party that will be fun and entertaining. One great way to make your little princess have a very special birthday is by throwing a “paint your own pottery” birthday party for her and a few of her closest friends. This can be an expensive prospect if you invite her entire second grade class but if you limit it to 6 or 8 of her very best friends then you should be able to keep costs under control to some degree.

The thing to keep in mind with a party such as this is to plan ahead. Many pottery shops that allow visitors to paint their own pottery will have deals and bargains that may be struck for birthday parties, showers, and other group events. By making plans early you can select one piece or a couple of pieces from which the girls can choose and establish a price for each piece and the firing of the pieces once the party ends.

If there aren’t any party plans around the pieces that strike the fancy of your little princess, though most have some fairly interesting pieces, you could perhaps establish a theme such as allowing each friend to make her own tea cup for a tea party theme. Each shop has a little something different to offer so keep this in mind when making plans. If you have an item in mind for the party that may be limited in availability make sure to reserve those pieces ahead of time so that you will have plenty for your party guests to paint.

Another reason you need to plan ahead for parties of this nature is that most facilities require advanced notice in order to work out bargain pricing and many will provide a special room for the party guest in which you can bring food, drinks, and party favors for a little more fun and to add to the festivities. Your little princess is likely to agree that this is much more fun than an afternoon at that pizza party place and the guests will each be able to bring home a fabulous trinket and example of her artistic talents. Many of these facilities will require a certain deposit for reservation of the party room and you really should book as early as possible in order to insure the room is free during the time you wish to hold your little princess pottery party.

If this is going to be a coed party there is no need to fret. There are plenty of pieces that can work for male or female guests and you can make small adjustments to the party theme to accommodate either or both if you have siblings or boy best friends to consider in the bargain. Regardless, a pottery party is still a fairly fun and unique party prospect for most kids and will definitely boost your ratings on the ‘world’s coolest parent’ totem pole until the next major battle brews at least.

Things you will want to consider before booking a party of this nature are the guests that will be invited. If this party is fit for boys and girls you will want this knowledge when making plans so that you may choose options accordingly. I don’t know many boys who want princess crowns or teacups as a parting gift. You should also know the number of people you plan to invite. These parties typically charge a per guest rate and it can be quite high. Keep the invites small if possible or plan to invest a significant amount of money into making this party great. Also keep in mind that this really isn’t a suitable environment for very small hands. There are many fragile items on display and all around. To avoid cuts and damages, keep the little ones at home for this particular excursion. Most importantly-have fun!

How To Attract The Right People To Your Event

How To Attract The Right People To Your Event

There are many different types of events and there are different people who you will like to attract to the party, however, you need to attract the right people to the event or it just won’t be the same.

One of the best ways to attract the right people is make your party a private party. Private parties are invitation only. When you have a private party you are able to limit the amount of people who will attend and also the type of people that will come. This is when you can send it to all the people that you truly would like at the party. However, just because you invite them, doesn’t mean that they will come. So how do you get the people who really want to come to the party?

The way to get all those important people that you want to come to your party is offer them something they can’t refuse. On the invitation, which should be professionally done, you will want to say something encouraging. Things like you are invited to the ____’s party of the year or a night of romance and dining. Most people will not turn down a dinner party because it is a way for them to associate and mingle with possible business associates.

To weed out the unwanted, you should state on the invitation the dress code. Like black tie event, or semi-formal/formal. Usually, the more emphasis on formal, the more likely you are able to weed out all those who wouldn’t fit in. Most people will not attend a party if they feel uncomfortable. If you would like to invite someone who wouldn’t fit in, go ahead, because at least you can say that you offered, but most likely they won’t come and ruin the party by their antics.

Another way to get the people whom you really want to come is by giving them a VIP ticket to the party. This way they can come and associate with other people whom you think is very important to the party, but they don’t have to deal with all the hassle of associating with those whom they would rather not. VIP also makes a person feel very special and honored. With the word VIP, they are more likely to come because it is an honor. It is one way to lure the best guests to come to a party or event.

You need to hire a publicist to help you plan a huge event for you. Your publicist will do everything for the party. They will advertise how great the party is and they will also show you ways to enhance your public look. They will make your look and act like a VIP without being a VIP. A publicist will help you look ten times better. They know exactly what it takes to get the ideal guests to attend and what you need to do to persuade them to come.

One of the best times to throw a party is when you are moving up the ladder. This way you can have people whom you have become friends with and also make some business contacts. Getting the important people to the party can be hard, but many of them are interested in the new person. They want to know the person who may, someday, replace them. That’s one reason why you might get them to come, however, you need to consider that when it comes to the party. You need to think about why they are coming and then deliver all that they expect from the party, your family, and your home so that they keep you mind.

Train Birthday Party for the Little Ones

Train Birthday Party for the Little Ones

Boys and girls of all ages have a deep and abiding love of trains. From Thomas the Tank to The Little Engine that Could, trains make an excellent theme for a birthday party for your favorite youngster. The great news is that there are plenty of great party favors and decorations on the market to make your train theme carry through all aspects of the birthday party.

You can purchase invitations that are shaped like a train and appropriate for the specific train theme you have in mind. Even old-fashioned steam engines make a fascinating setting and theme for little ones who are filled with imagination. You do not need to go overboard on the decorations for a train themed party in order to get the theme apart but there are some great goody bags that can be made in keeping with the theme.

A train piñata is a great way to get the kids in on the action and having a great time. You may also choose to have all the little ones dress up as a train engineer for a little interactive fun with your train birthday party idea. You can also choose to play a DVD of your favorite train story for the entertainment of the little ones and in hopes of a little bit of quiet time before the sugar induced highs of after cake time.

Speaking of cake, there are plenty of cake forms and cake themes that are ideal for train cakes and children’s birthday parties. From the popular character cakes that are related to trains to other train themes such as The Polar Express there are plenty from which to choose when it comes to the perfect birthday cake for your train themed party. A little cake with a little ice cream and it will soon be time to take a whack at the train themed piñata mentioned earlier.

Most party supply stores should have an abundance of train themed party supplies. From hats to plates, cups, and napkins there should be plenty of wonderful party supplies to help you convey the train theme of the party with little additional efforts unless, of course, streamers and other party supplies are needed. Your little ones are very special after all and as parents we all want to do our very best to insure that each party is a special memory fit for a lifetime.

Goody bags are becoming a more and more important part of birthday parties in modern society. The train themed birthday party lends itself to plenty of train themed goody bag fillers. Among those wonderful items are coloring books, storybooks, puzzles, train whistles (their parents will love you and it is the perfect revenge for the air horn your child came home with), and stickers. This is a great way for your child to give back to those who have given him or her gifts while providing something appropriate to the theme for everyone to remember this particular party by.

If you are looking for a little something extra for your child’s train themed birthday party you might want to talk to local train companies and see if there is a train museum near by or if you can possibly book a train car or a room at the train depot in which to host the party. This will create a very special memory for your little one and everyone that attended the party. Some trains actually run day trips that last a couple of hours. This will be a thrilling party experience for your little one’s friends if you can manage this great escape of a train themed birthday party. You may also talk to those in charge at the train station for ideas and suggestions they may have to make your child’s special day a little more thrilling. Just remember that after a party like this, next year will be a hard act to follow.

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