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Creative Birthday Party Ideas

Creative Birthday Party Ideas

I love throwing parties. Anyone who knows me well knows that there is nothing that energizes me more than planning and throwing a wonderful birthday party. It took me several years of planning parties for myself, my family and my friends before a wise soul suggested that I look into becoming a professional party planner. Why the thought had never crossed my mind, I have no idea, but I took her advice and quickly checked into a possible profession. My biggest reason for becoming a party planner was that I loved coming up with great birthday party ideas. Why not get paid to do what I love?

Birthday party ideas can be as simple or as ornate as you want them to be. I have been to amazing parties where the food, the decorations, and the activities were all very simple and it turned out well. I have also been to many lavish parties where each element of the event was given a great amount of detail and care. The important thing in coming up with birthday party ideas is to think carefully about the person you are celebrating.

Remembering the birthday person is the most important thing you can do in gathering birthday party ideas. After all, you are celebrating the birth and life of a person you care about, so why not make their celebration something they will love. Think about their interests, passions and likes when you are coming up with birthday party ideas for them.

Some of the best birthday party ideas are planned around a theme that reflects the birthday person. Try to come up with a great theme that will be fun to celebrate and that will allow you to easily incorporate food, decorations and events into the party.

What I love about party planning is sitting down with my clients over lunch or coffee. I always begin by having them tell me the kind of celebration they are hoping for. If people have no goals in party planning, then it will be really hard to come up with the perfect birthday party ideas. I’ve been surprised to find that people have many more ideas than they even think they do. All they need is a little help organizing their ideas for the party.

Grab a notebook and make a list of initial birthday party ideas for the next event you are planning. And enjoy the planning process. It can be fun, rewarding and even relaxing when you start with great birthday party ideas.

Tips To Hosting New Year Parties

Tips To Hosting New Year Parties

Hosting New Year’s parties can be stressful and could cause some anxiety to you as a host. It is important that you are able to be on top of the situation or risk having a flop. Expect a lot of people will be attending your party since New Year’s is the most exciting time of the year. Executing the perfect party will gauge your ability to have a bigger party next year. Here are some tips to prevent a party disaster and come out unscathed and enjoy the New Year.

Keep the menu simple

No wine and food on a New Year’s party is a disaster. Sometimes people tend to over think the menu. Keeping the food simple gives you the ability to keep the costs down and the food choices more aligned to most partygoers. If you complicate the food there is a tendency that some partygoers will shun away because it may unfamiliar to them. A simple menu has another use; it will bring your cost to a minimum so you can spend on other things without breaking the bank.

Serve more finger foods and appetizers since they are easier to serve and pass around. You don’t need to spend a lot of time in the kitchen picking your brains on what to serve. As they always say, keep it simple—it works in a lot of things and party preparations are included.

Another way to ease the pressure on the food is to ask some of your close friends to bring along some wine or food. This has become common and surely your friends wouldn’t mind.

Don’t forget the booze

It is a mortal sin to forget the booze on a New Year’s party. How could it be a party when there is no alcohol? However, it can be daunting to your wallet to spend too much. How much booze do you really need? One way of bringing the costs down is to limit it to one signature drink. You can choose a Martini or Chardonnay; it all boils down to choice.

Again you can ask your friends to bring their own alcoholic beverage to the party. This will not only bring your cost down at the same time it will ensure that your friends will enjoy the drinks that are being served in the party.

Fixing the ambience

No there is no real need of hanging things on the ceilings or buying balloons or any other related stuff. Those things are for children’s parties. You don’t need to prove to all and sundry that you are having a party.

One suggestion to make it a party ambience is to dim the lights a bit and use candles. You can use Christmas lights, especially those kind that dances. That would surely create a festive mood enough to give your party that character. Of course, the music would matter in the party. That is the life of the party, in case you haven’t noticed. If you want to spend for your party, allot some budget for a decent disk jockey to provide some groove.

Come up with great party themes

Party themes can make your party unforgettable and could become the talk of the town if you do a
great job at it. It cements your reputation as the best party host in the city. Wipe the floor with cool party themes that will blow your friends’ mind but not your wallet.
Throwing a great party should never become a source of stress and anxiety to you. It should be fun and enjoyable. If you are thinking of throwing one this New Year’s Eve try to incorporate some of the tips and surely your party will become magical.

Planning a Luau Party? Be Sure To Stock Up On Your Luau Party Supply Items

Planning a Luau Party? Be Sure To Stock Up On Your Luau Party Supply Items

Luau party supplies will determine just how fun your Luau party will be. For the invitations to your Luau party, send large Hawaiian themed cards, and tell them to dress in the tropical style. For the music, find a CD or tape that plays Luau music. For the outside entrance to your house, consider placing bamboo torches outside your door so your guests will get right in the tropical mood. As soon as your guests get in the door, have a large basket of tropical flowers. If the weather permits, consider placing Luau party supplies on the backyard. Paper lanterns would be a nice touch outside. Also, wind chimes will add to the mood. If you really want to go crazy, place metallic palm trees and wooden totem poles around the yard/patio. Candle votives are a must, but don’t forget the citronella candles.
Finding cheap Luau Party Supplies
Often times, it is possible to find the material for a Luau party at a discount store. For example, some plastic bowls are made in the shape of large shells. Also, most supplies like the paper flowers and Luau music CD can be had for only a few dollars. More fun and cheaper than a pirate party supply or a birthday party supply, Luau party supplies will make your party one to remember.

Tips for New Years Eve Party Planning

Tips for New Years Eve Party Planning

New Years Eve is an exciting holiday for many. It is traditionally one of the holidays in which most people participate in parties with friends and family members. While going to parties is a great deal of fun, it is also a lot of fun to host your own New Years Eve party as well. It is definitely a lot of work to plan a memorable party but it is a great deal of fun as well. This article will offer a few basic tips for planning a New Years Eve party. These tips should be useful for both novice party planners as well as those who have a great deal of experience in planning parties for their friends and relatives.

The first step in planning any party including a New Years Eve party is to consider your guest list. This is important because it will help you to determine where to hold the party. For example if you have a fairly small home and want to host a party for over one hundred people, you will obviously have to consider hosting the party either in a much larger house or even in a catering hall or restaurant. When you are planning your guest list, you should figure each solely guest will likely bring a date with them. This is only reasonable and it would be considered tacky to tell guests they are not able to bring a date to the party.

Deciding whom to invite is not the only concern here. You should also consider how you plan to invite your guests. You have a number of options here. The most traditional way to invite guests to a party is to mail out invitations to each individual guest or married couple you plan to invite to the party. The invitations should include all of the pertinent information including date, time and location and should also include instructions for responding to the invitation. These instructions should include a deadline for responding and a method of responding such as calling by phone or sending an email.

Other options for sending invitations include calling the guests or sending out an electronic invitation via email. Although paper invitations were considered the only method for awhile, it is now considered acceptable to send out other non traditional invitations for any party or event.

Once you have determined the number of guests and the location of the party, it is time to consider the food and beverages for the party. Since most New Years Eve parties start rather late in the evening, appetizers and cocktails make an excellent idea for food. However, if you plan to start your New Years Eve party at an earlier time such as five or six o’clock in the evening, you should consider having more substantial food at your party. You might opt for an elaborate sit down dinner or include a buffet in your party.

Still another food option for New Years Eve parties is to host a brunch on New Years Day. You may offer finger foods, appetizers and cocktails in the evening and early morning but then start serving breakfast items as the sun starts to rise. This allows the party to go on a little longer because guests do not start leaving because they begin to get hungry.

When planning a New Years Eve party you should also consider the type of entertainment you plan to provide at the party. You might consider hiring a band for the duration of the party or for only a few hours during the party. Other entertainment ideas include have a DJ or playing your own recorded music. More elaborate and less traditional ideas for entertainment include hosting a murder mystery or hiring an improve group to perform. These are both fun ideas for entertainment because they get all of the guests involved in the fun.

Planning A Holiday Party? Spice It Up!

Planning A Holiday Party? Spice It Up!

Are you tired of the same old boring Holiday parties that everyone else is having? Here are some surefire hits for Christmas parties and other holiday parties with a little more life.

The Cookie Exchange

For this party, each person bakes a pile of Christmas cookies before hand. If there are seven couples or people coming, then each person bakes seven dozen cookies. This way, everyone can go home with a dozen of everyone’s cookies. This cuts down on the baking for everyone and always makes for a fun time.

A Themed Party

Sure, it’s the holidays. But why not have a themed party anyway? This is the time that everyone has to get a little break from work, so make your holiday party memorable by having a themed party. This could be as simple as having a Star Trek party and learning to say Happy Hannukah in Vulcan, or it could be as elaborate as having a Tarts’n’Vicars party. You might even want to have a football party one day and have everyone over to watch your favourite sport.

A Costume Party

A costume party is an extension of the theme party idea. You could allow people to choose their own costumes. You could have a fancy dress masquerade ball, where everyone wears fancy dress but has to have the small masquerade mask too. (These ones are always a lot of fun!) Of course, if you can also have themed costume parties, such as a superhero costume party. For more information on costumes, visit the website below, The Guide to Costumes.

Do some Charity

Why not collect canned goods from your party goers for admission? Or you could have a party where each person brings a small toy to be donated to needy children. You could consider theming your party around such organizations as Operation: Shoebox, where you could each bring in a shoe box with gifts.

A Tasting Party

While we are all familiar with certain holiday tastes, can you and your friends stump each other with food? Bring in your most exotic recipes. Each person has to guess five ingredients from the recipes. The person with the most accurate tastebuds wins a door-prize (often, a recipe book is a good door prize).

You can also have a wine tasting (or beer tasting, or even pop tasting) party. See if your friends have discerning palates by testing out their tastebuds. Often, a beer tasting party is a good time because people think they can tell a lot about different kinds of beer!

In the end, the main rule for throwing holiday parties is that there are no rules for holiday parties! Choose your venue, choose your theme, and choose your entertainment. Why not celebrate a Christmas in July like the Australians do, when they celebrate Christmas six months late (or early, depending on how you look at it), because their seasons are backwards. You can have people over for a tropically themed party. Shrimps on the bar-b, anyone?

I think that the part of the birthday party that kids look forward to the most – the part that they are really going to remember – is the birthday party favors

I think that the part of the birthday party that kids look forward to the most – the part that they are really going to remember – is the birthday party favors

Now, if she is going to have a theme party, the birthday party favors, like the birthday party decorations, really take on that theme. If, for example, I give away little Star Wars figurines as I did at her last birthday party, I am going to do it in a room with Star Wars banners as the birthday party decorations. That way, as soon as I pick out the favors, I will know what birthday party decorations I am going to have. And this is the easiest way to do it, because for me, it is much easier to figure out what the kids will like as gifts for their goody bags, then what they will like to see as birthday party decorations in the house. I mean, what little kid consciously thinks about a birthday party decoration anyway?

Well, once I have figured out the birthday favors and the birthday party decorations, all that is left to pick out is the birthday cake. This is the easy part, although it might not seem like it. My little Jen does not tell me what she wants in the goody bag, or what she wants up on the walls for birthday party decorations, but you can be that she will make her opinion heard about what kind of cake she wants to eat. After that, all I have to do is get that cake decorated in line with whatever the theme of the party is going to be, and then everything is perfect, and prepared for a nice, festive celebration. It really is not nearly as hard as you might think to have the perfect party, from birthday party decorations to birthday favors to birthday cake. It just takes a step by step approach, a little patience, and a little money, and besides that, there is nothing to it.

Retirement Party Ideas – A Simple Guide To Retirement Party Planning

Retirement Party Ideas – A Simple Guide To Retirement Party Planning

Planning a fun and memorable retirement party can seem like a huge chore if you don’t have a game plan for the party already in place. To help get you on your way, we’ve created a basic guideline that is intended to make your job easier and spark your creativity. For organizational purposes, the guideline is broken down into seven major categories:


Selecting the right venue for a retirement party plays a critical role in determining how much time and effort you will have to put into planning the party. In general, parties held in the workplace demand more planning time and effort because they require you to supply your own food and beverages, decorations, and other party supplies. A restaurant can be an easy venue option for many reasons. To name a few, holding the party at a restaurant minimizes your setup and cleanup times, it eliminates the need for food shopping and preparation, and it reduces the need for party decorations. If holding the party at a restaurant isn’t an option, consider where exactly in your workplace you want to hold the party. The kitchen or break room isn’t always the best option!

Day and Time

Choose a day and time for the party when everyone will be in the office and will not be in a rush to get back to work or their home immediately after. We recommend hosting the party on a Thursday afternoon during work hours (4 to 5 p.m. works well). By holding the party during work hours, you will get a far better turnout.


Choosing a theme for a retirement party is not essential, but it can add an extra element of fun to the occasion, especially if you are holding the party at your workplace. In choosing a theme, consider where the person might be moving after retiring or if they have a favorite hobby that they will be pursuing in their retirement. For example, if the person is moving to Hawaii, you could throw and island-themed party. If they love to play golf, that could be a theme as well. If the person has a noteworthy trait, you can also make that a theme for the party (i.e. if they always wear blue shirts to work, you could inform the guests to wear blue shirts).


Decorations for the party can be simple as long as they are creative. If you choose not to have a theme for the party, you can always hang framed portraits or pictures of the person that is retiring. If the person who is retiring has a good sense of humor, you can doctor the images in Adobe Photoshop to get a rise out of the guests.

Food and Beverage

Serve hors d’oeuvres and drinks to stay within budget and keep the preparations manageable. If you are holding the party in a restaurant, make sure to prearrange which hors d’oeuvres will be served. If the person retiring has a favorite food or beverage, serve it if it fits in with your theme. Be sure to consult your company’s alcohol policy if you plan to serve any alcoholic beverages.


Party activities should be fun but not overwhelming. Your guests will want to chat and have the opportunity to give their best to the person who is retiring. Slideshows and roasts are two popular retirement party activities. A slide show can either be played in the background during the party, or it can be narrated with a story. A video roast can be another good option. To organize the video roast, send out an email to the person’s friends and colleagues asking them for stories that you can videotape. Employ a funny and well-liked person to serve as the roast master. The roast master can introduce the video with a funny story and also conclude the roast with a few upbeat, witty remarks.


Invitations for the party can be done in a number of easy ways: send an email, post flyers in the office, and place formal invitations in work mailboxes. A reminder email is always helpful the morning of the party to ensure maximum attendance.

A lot of people think that, if they just invite the right people to their party, everything will turn out all right

A lot of people think that, if they just invite the right people to their party, everything will turn out all right

There are many different kinds of games to play at a party. The classic party games still hold a lot of appeal for many different people. Games like charades, Scrabble, and even Monopoly can be party favorites. If you have a nerdier crowd of friends, strategy boardgames often make for a fun and exciting evening. Other people prefer poker or some other card game. However, you don’t need to limit yourself to the traditional party games. There are many unorthodox approaches that work just fine.

In my house, for example, the Nintendo Wii is often the center of party games. Many people wouldn’t think that playing video games would be particularly attractive for a party involving people in their late 20s, but it is surprisingly so. As a matter of fact, the Wii is practically the most enjoyable adult party game I have found so far. It involves movement, cool graphics, interesting storylines, and the chance to compete against your friends in a friendly form of entertainment. What more could you want from a party game?

Of course, if you are using party games, you have to think carefully about the people at the party. If everyone is going to be drinking, for example, there is no need to worry too much. You just make party games available if people want them. If you’re going to have a more sober, sedate crowd, or perhaps a mixed crowd with both drinkers and nondrinkers, you need to have the space organized so people who aren’t involved in playing a party game don’t feel alienated. The key to a successful party, after all, his thorough planning.

Home Business Party Sales: Enjoyable Income For “People” People

Home Business Party Sales: Enjoyable Income For “People” People

Home business party sales can be an excellent way to create income. Home business party sales are especially popular with mothers who desire to stay at home with their children and run some sort of business at the same time. Not only are the home business party sales a fun way to get together with friends, but they also usually offer perks for those who host the parties, thus increasing the appeal. Basically, the idea of home business party sales is to work as a salesperson for a company, throwing parties in homes and providing a place for potential customers to be exposed to products that might be of interest to them.

There are many different types of home business party sales. Anyone who is looking into home business party sales as an option for income should probably search for something that has potential for marketability among friends and family members. Ideal items for home business party sales are usually those that are useful on an everyday basis, and would not be seen as a frivolous or unnecessary purchase. For example, profitable items for home business party sales might usually include things like plastic dinnerware, other kitchen items, or makeup, rather than dainty collectibles. However, there are multitudes of different things that can be sold through home business party sales, and this depends solely on your marketing targets and their interests. The fun of home business party sales is picking which items are personally interesting, as well as which will sell the best in your own particular sphere of influence!

After one has decided on a specific item or group of items for home business party sales, it is normally a good idea to begin spreading the word as much as possible. Friends and family members can be a great help with this. It is also a good idea to make business cards for your home business party sales, and carry them with you wherever you go.

Additional ideas for spreading the news about your home business party sales are almost limitless, if you use your creativity! Hosting a party in your own home first might be a good way to get started. What about making up flyers advertising your home business party sales? Also, you may be able to find ways to sponsor contests or a certain amount of free giveaways that are attached to your home business party sales.

The area of home business party sales tends to require a friendly, outgoing personality. The more you meet new friends, strike up conversations, and interact with people, the better your home business party sales will likely fare. If you tend to enjoy being around other people, and thrive on new experiences and friendships, you may find that home business party sales are not only profitable, but enjoyable as well. When it comes to a satisfactory way of making a living or some extra income, who could ask for something better than what you enjoy?

The Key To The Perfect Bachelorette Party!!!

The Key To The Perfect Bachelorette Party!!!

Planning a Great Celebration for the Bride-to-Be

Bachelors have been hitting the bars for stag parties for years. But why should the guys have all the fun? Throwing a bachelorette party for a bride-to-be is a fun way for the bride and her friends to bond and blow off a little steam before the big day. If you’re planning a bachelorette party, there are many fun and original bachelorette party ideas.

What is a Bachelorette Party?

Bachelorette parties have risen in popularity within the last twenty years or so. While the bridal shower is still a traditional event for brides, a bachelorette party is a more laid back celebration. Like a bachelor party, a bachelorette party usually involves a night out with the gals.

Bachelorette Party Ideas: Locations

Bachelorette parties can take place at the home of the bride-to-be or the home of the person throwing the party for her. A hall or meeting room at a hotel can also be rented for the night. Restaurants often have rooms that can be reserved for private parties. You also might choose to take everyone to an event like a movie or a spa. Many bachelorette parties begin in one location and move on to a different location, like a bar, later in the night.

Bachelorette Party Ideas: Styles

The bachelorette party can be naughty or nice, depending on the bride’s preferences and comfort level. Most bachelorette parties include alcohol and many incorporate sexual themes. However, this is the bride-to-be’s night, and while it can be fun to embarrass her a little, you don’t want her to be horrified at the goings on.

Naughty Bachelorette Party Ideas

Hire a male stripper for the party or go to see a male strip show.

When each guest arrives, she writes down a task that the bride must accomplish before the night is over. When the list is complete it is given to the bride. The task list might include things like “get a man to buy you a drink” or “get a man’s phone number.”

Give goody bags to the guests with inexpensive, naughty gifts inside. Many party supply shops and websites carry party favors specifically intended for bachelorette parties

Nice Bachelorette Party Ideas

Head to a spa. All the ladies can enjoy massages and manicures.

Take a tour at a nearby winery and enjoy some winetasting.

Go dancing.

Head to a microbrewery for a tour and to taste the products.

Responsible Bachelorette Party Ideas

Since most bachelorette parties involve alcohol, its necessary to arrange safe transportation for the party guests. A designated driver is one idea, or someone who would not normally be invited to the party, like a male friend. You could also hire a limousine service to carry guests to various watering holes around town. Some choose to charter a bus for the night’s activities, while others use taxis to get around. Even if the bachelorette party does not involve alcohol, using a bus or limo service is a good way to keep guests together and prevent them from getting lost during the evening.

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