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The Professional Party Planner’s Guide to Children’s Parties

The Professional Party Planner’s Guide to Children’s Parties

Planning a birthday party for children is always fun; children have such amazing imaginations and sense of fun that they are both fun and easy to plan a birthday party for. If you are tasked with planning a birthday party for your child, take the opportunity to have some fun with ideas and plan the best party you can. You can bet that your child, and all of their friends, will love you for making the extra effort.

The first consideration for any child’s birthday party is to understand that the goal of the entire day, and event itself, is to make your child feel like they are king or queen for the day. The day is all about them feeling special and nothing more. The most successful child’s party is one where the child is happy, their friends and family are happy, and no one ends up crying.

The second consideration for a child’s birthday party is what the child wants to have as a theme. If you sit down your child and ask them you might be pleasantly surprised at the simple wishes they give you. Many children want only very basic things such as a particular color or special food choice. Take your queues from your child and try to develop a party around their wishes which fits into your ability and budget.

If you will be having a party where your guests are very young, you will need more adults present to help you. You cannot be in all places at all times, and by having other people at the party things will go much smoother and with much less stress. If the parents ask if they can stay for the party you want to invite them to do just that. You will need the help and you might even make some new friends in the process!

If you will be inviting the children who your child goes to school with, you need to either invite the entire class, or plan on distributing your invitations outside of school. This rule is meant to keep from hurting children’s feelings and is generally in effect as most schools.

Before the party discuss manners with your child. Explain to them about duplicate or unwanted gifts and other times when it is appropriate to use good manners. Also, insist, gently, that guests use their best manners as well while they are in your home. This will make the day go much better for everyone.

Planning crafts or games for a young child’s party is essential. There is nothing worse than ten young kids with nothing to do. They will whine, fight and tear apart your house in no time flat. By keeping them occupied everyone will have a much better time. However, it is always good to plan extra activities just incase something doesn’t go as well as you planned it to be. This way, you can switch to doing something else without too much hassle or complaint.

It is also important to remember that a child’s birthday party doesn’t have to last all afternoon. A simple party which lasts two hours or so is plenty long enough, by this time the guests will likely be getting cranky and restless and you can send them on their way home.

Planning a Preschool Birthday Party with Success

Planning a Preschool Birthday Party with Success

Usually around the time that children get to be in preschool, they discover that there is a whole world of birthday parties out there which can be just for them. It usually starts with one child having a party and inviting the entire class. From there the party invitations start to come in by the droves for the rest of the preschool year. When it is your child’s turn, there is no need to panic; you can plan a fantastic preschool party even on a low budget or without a lot of time commitment on your part.

The best way to start to plan your preschooler’s party is to ask them what kind of party they want to have. This is important because they may want, or not want, a party similar to one which they have attended. By asking them what they want, you are on your way to being able to start your planning. You do not need to be fearful that if you ask what your child wants that they will tell you they want expensive options; most children have pretty simple wants such as a specific theme or color scheme they desire.

The next decision you need to make is the location for the birthday party. For young children, who are prone to being messy, you might want to have the party at a local fast-food restaurant or similar venue. This can have the effect of the kids having some fun, and you not having a large mess to clean up after the party has finished. Another good option is a local park if the weather in your area permits it.

If you dread the idea of spending hours with a pack of preschoolers on your weekend, you might choose to have the party in the evening or for just an hour or two on a Saturday afternoon. Preschoolers can only have a limited amount of fun before they become stressed out and start whining and crying. You can use this to your advantage by planning a relatively short but fun party.

If you will have more than a couple other children at the party you will need other adults to help you. Because preschoolers need lots of help and attention, you should have an adult for every three or four children in attendance. This will be a great help when children need help using the bathroom and other things as the party goes along.

When you are distributing invitations to your partiers, it is very important to remember that if you will be sending them to preschool to be passed out, you must invite each child in the class. To do otherwise is prohibited by most schools and just simply rude as well. Noting is more hurtful than a group of preschoolers all taunting another child for not being invited to a party.

For the day of the party you will want to have as much for your partiers to do as possible. While you do not want to overwhelm the children, it is important to keep them busy and occupied the entire time they are there with you. This will keep them out of trouble and having fun.

It is very important that you insist on good manners from your birthday party guests as well as your own birthday boy or girl. Everyone should use the words “please” and “thank you” as well as being courteous to others. In addition, you should go over how your child will handle opening presents and what is, and is not, appropriate to say to other people about gifts.

Party Ideas Your Child Would Love

Party Ideas Your Child Would Love

Children nowadays are so outspoken that you just catch yourself scratching your head, thinking of the perfect party for your kid. A child’s party that has only a simple theme is just not enough, and what would be the result of having a simple party for your kid? You would have to steel yourself for disappointed look on his or her face. You would not want that, would you?

Well then, you have to create a party that is unique and special, the kind of party that not only your kid, but also your child’s guests, will remember for their entire lives. You have to think wisely for children’s parties are becoming more original and elaborate everyday.

Once you have chosen the appropriate them for your child, the planning portion of it would not be so hard to tackle. Just think of the things, or whatever it is, that your child loves. Is it a certain book, or a show on television? It could also be a dire fascination with aliens or fairies. You just have to put yourself in your child’s shoes and think of what might interest them.

There have been various party ideas that quite a number of parents would declare to be winners, on the Internet. But due to the width area the Internet can reach, this essay will be tackling a few of the best children’s party ideas to have ever surfaced.

If your child admired the recent movie Pirates Of The Carribean and just would not remove that black patch on his eye, then you should think about giving your little critter a Pirate Party. This kind of party is inclusive of the treasure hunting and lady kidnapping and all the other things a pirate would entertain himself with. You have to decorate the party’s surroundings with treasure chests, gold coins, pearl necklaces, and other pirate decorations.

There are children who love to dance to the beat the hula way. If you think that your kid is one of these children who want to wear hula skirts, then you must prepare a Tropical Luau Party for your child. Your child will be wearing a Hawaiian costume and would be dancing to the tune of Pearly Shells and Tiny Bubbles.

You just can’t deny the fact that millions of children, specifically girls, out there would love to have a Princess Party. This party would give your child an opportunity to dress like a princess with a shiny tiara on her head. Her guests will also be wearing those grand dresses that they usually see on those Disney Princess cartoons. This is the time for your child to feel how it feels like to be an older woman, at the same time like royalty.

If you are concentrating on keeping a budget, then you can give your child a Slumber Sleepover Party. This way you get to spend less and you feel that your child, and her guests, will be a lot safer in her room. Your kid and her friends will just be sleeping for a night, dancing to the songs of the Spice Girls, putting on garish make up on their faces, and other fun stuff girls usually do once huddled together.

There are many party ideas that children would love. You just have to think of your child and focus on what idea you think might interest your child the most. Your child is the main character of his or her party; therefore, he or she is the first one you must attend to, and the first one to smile.

Throwing a Surprise Birthday Party

Throwing a Surprise Birthday Party

Surprise birthday parties are always a fun way to celebrate your or somebody else’s birthday. Of course, if you are going to throw a surprise birthday party then it may be a little strange to throw one for yourself. Nevertheless, people do throw themselves surprise birthday parties every once in a while, even though the great majority of the time they are thrown for other people.

If you are excited about throwing your best friend a surprise birthday party then chances are that you’ve thought about just how you’re going to do it. However, if you’ve never ever thrown anybody a surprise party then you may be a little confused or worried as to how you are going to pull it off. Fortunately, here are some tidbits of information to go off of when planning this big hit:

Involve Many, Many People

It may go without saying but birthday parties are always more fun when they involve a whole lot of people. A surprise birthday party just wouldn’t be as fun if it was just you and one other person. But inviting more people can also help get a lot more things done than if it was just yourself. By inviting more people to the surprise birthday party for your friend or family member then you easily delegate out some of the responsibilities of actually planning and making the whole birthday party come together to be an awesome evening of fun! For example, you’ll need plenty of decorations, food, and door prizes, as well as music and entertainment if the surprise birthday party is going to be a success!

Decorate, Decorate, And Decorate!

Of course, this also may go without saying, but anytime you want to throw a surprise birthday party then you definitely need lots and lots of decorations. Depending on where the location you are holding the birthday party at then it may be easy or more difficult to decorate. However, you’ll want to have plenty of balloons, streamers, as well as Happy Birthday banners to hang up so that it’ll feel like a lot of hard work and planning went into this surprise birthday party!

The Trick of the Surprise Birthday Party!

The main element, of course, of the surprise birthday party is the actual surprise for the person that you are holding it for. You definitely don’t want the birthday guest of honor to know that anything is going on, so you may have to have a co-conspirator in the surprise birthday party planning take your friend or family member out that day so that plans can be made and the house or other building can be easily decorated.

Surprise birthday parties are always a whole lot of fun and these are just some of the things that you need to have an awesome one for your family member or friend. Decorations, keeping it a secret, as well as inviting plenty of people to celebrate this special occasion are all essential elements of the surprise birthday party!

Fun Pointers For A Home Party Business

Fun Pointers For A Home Party Business

A Home Party Business is a growing trend among business owners. Home parties are an intimate and fun way to showcase product and build lasting business relationships. A home party business can be run a variety of ways, but a few helpful pointers can make any home party business more successful and fun for both hostess and guests. These pointers, when combined with your business strategy for success, can take a lot of the leg work out of your parties and replenish your energy for the fun you can have with your guests.

The first fun pointer for a home party business is the client list. When you decide to go into a home party business, make a list of everyone you know. Don’t stop until you have listed at least a hundred people. Thinks of your hairdresser, your children’s teachers, doctors, family friends, friends of friends, and so on until your list is overflowing with people you know. Most people underestimate their reach, failing to realize they know as many people as they truly do. Now, take a moment to consider that each person on your list can make a list of his or her own. Each of those people could make a list, too. Yesterday you were worried about how you would get enough people to your parties, and today you can’t throw enough parties to invite all of the people you know. When your home party business suffers a slower month with fewer bookings, as any businesses will, refer to this list to brainstorm guests to fill your party quota.

The second fun pointer for any home party business owner is to simplify menus. Food brings people together, and the menu of a party can set the tone for the success of a party from a very early moment. Food is the first object of attention for early party guests, and can provide a backdrop for conversation and ice breakers. Consider easy dips and finger foods to entice guests towards product tables. Keep an assortment of shredded cheeses and cream cheese on hand for quick dips to serve at last minute parties. Adding cheese to cream cheese, sour cream, and some canned crab meat can make for an elegant dip. Veggies and cheese cubes add a dash of color to any snack table, while also providing a healthy alternative for dieting guests. At the start of each month, brainstorm three different combinations of appetizers, and let these lists guide you for your parties. With these preconceived menus in place, you won’t have to worry about what to serve last minute, and can keep ingredients on hand.

The final and most important fun pointer for your home party business is to remember the thank you card and follow up correspondence. Make this correspondence memorable by creating your own unique stationary or cards with simple items such as construction paper or magazine pictures. These homemade cards and letters will set you apart from your competition and will earn you a place in the forefront of your guests’ minds.

A home party business is geared towards fun – for guests and for you! With a little organization and planning, you can have as much fun as your guests and really put the party back in your home party business!

How to Throw an Unforgettable Kids Birthday Party

How to Throw an Unforgettable Kids Birthday Party

Kids take their birthdays very seriously, and are extremely disappointed if their birthday parties are anything short of spectacular. Throwing an unforgettable kids birthday party can sometimes seem like a task better suited for a professional event planner. But with the proper party supplies, a little know how and a lot of imagination, you can throw a birthday party that the kids will be talking about all year.
Before you let your inner party planner take over, make sure that throughout the process you consult with the birthday boy or girl, unless of course the party is a surprise. Kids have their own ideas of what makes a party fun, and if the kids don’t have a good time the party is a bust. Discuss possible theme ideas, party games, food, and favors with them to ensure everything is kid friendly. If you are planning a surprise party you can ask siblings or friends for ideas and opinions.
Theme Party Ideas
A successful kids birthday party starts off with a great theme. There are many great party themes you can choose from, everything from your child’s favorite toy to their favorite movie genre. The possibilities are endless and a good theme can really help pull your entire party together.
Some possible themes include:
Western (complete with cowboy hats)
Princess (tiaras for all the girls)
Cartoon characters
Carnival (clowns and plenty of games)
Toys (Bratz, Barbie, Hot Wheels, etc)
Once you have your theme chosen, planning out a kids birthday party becomes much easier. Try and get everything from the decorations to the food to tie into the theme. For instance, if you are throwing a Western theme party get cowboy birthday banners and serve up barbequed burgers, chili, and hot dogs. As party favors you can give each little guests their own cowboy or cowgirl hat to wear. Make sure the birthday boy or girl’s hat is extra special.
Fun and Games
Games are an important part of any kids birthday party. Games should be fun and get everyone involved. Offering some small prizes to the winner of each game is also a great idea for the kids. Have a variety of games, some that require the kids to get active and some that requires them to use their heads. This will give everyone an opportunity to win a prize.
Some fun kid’s games include:
Musical chairs
Pin the tail on the donkey (this can be tied into your party theme, for example if your theme is Disney you could have pin the ears on the mouse)
Relay races (you can get really creative with this one and get the kids to do everything from run a course with a balloon stuck between their legs to three legged races)
Memory games (show the kids a selection of items and see who can remember the most once you have taken them away)
Favors are one of the highlights for children at a birthday party. They love getting little gifts of their own to take home with them. You don’t need to get too extravagant when it comes to party favors. Try and get some favors to go along with your theme. If you are having a princess theme give the girls tiaras as they arrive and a bag full of beauty items. Hairbrushes, hair clips, nail polish, and lip gloss are all fun and inexpensive ideas. More general favor ideas include pencil and eraser sets, notepads, and candies.
Food for Thought
Party food is a key component to any great birthday party. Depending on how long the party is, you’ll probably want to offer a lunch or dinner as well as snack and treats throughout the day. Most kids don’t have discriminating tastes so you don’t need to go overboard with a gourmet meal. Simple is usually better when it comes to kids.
Keep your snacks standard. Candy, chips, and pop will suffice, there is no need to add any fancy appetizers to the mix since they will probably get ignored. However, adding a veggie and fruit plate is a good idea since even kids can get sick of the sweet stuff. Be sure to have plenty of beverages on hand, and to save your sanity try and avoid caffeinated pops. Juice and water should be on hand as well. You can also make a fun colorful fruit punch for the kids to enjoy.
As for food, stick with simple dishes such as pizza, burgers, and hotdogs. These items are simple to prepare (or order) and will be a hit with the kids. Before planning your menu check to see if any of the children have food allergies or special dietary needs. Most parents whose kids have serious allergies such as peanuts will probably let you know as soon as the invitation is accepted. However, if you’ve got a little vegetarian in the group the last thing you want to do is serve them a hamburger or hotdog.
The birthday cake is the piece de resistance of the party. Everyone loves to see what type of delightful cake will be presented and how many candles the birthday boy or girl can blow out. If your baking skills consists of adding eggs and water to a package mix, fear not. While a package cake will still be a hit with the kids, there are plenty of cake shops and bakeries that can create any cake you desire. For instance, if you’re going with a baseball sports theme, you can get a delicious cake of any type shaped like a baseball. The kids will love it, and it saves you time and frustration as well. Make sure you know the birthday boy or girl’s favorite flavor before you order.
While planning a birthday party can be a difficult and time consuming task, all the work will be worth it when you see how much fun all the kids have. Birthday parties are monumental occasion for kids, and the more special you can make it the better.

Birthday Party Themes That Put Little Girls Centre Stage

Birthday Party Themes That Put Little Girls Centre Stage

(NC) – The mere thought of planning a birthday party fit for a princess can cause parents to panic – but there’s no need to stress because with the proper theme, your little girl’s party can be a huge success.
According to, kid’s parties have evolved significantly over the years, and are getting more original everyday. Long gone are the days when the party was held in the backyard, and the guests feasted on hotdogs, homemade chocolate cake and ice cream, followed by a few rounds of pin the tail on the donkey and musical chairs.
Now, outside venues like restaurants, theatres and theme parks are all the rage, and colourful birthday cakes in the shape of popular characters such as Barney are every kid’s expectation.
Party themes have become increasingly elaborate too, and play a more central role in kids’ birthdays. To take the stress out of selecting a theme, suggests that you should use your child’s interests as a guide and take advantage of their imagination to help give them a party they won’t forget.
One theme that is always popular with little girls is Barbie. Parents across Canada can make it easy on themselves by having a Barbie Birthday Popcorn Party at their local Famous Players theatre. A full birthday package with a Barbie twist, the birthday girl receives Barbie-themed invitations to send out to her friends, and the large party includes Barbie decorations, Barbie loot bags, and a personalized Barbie cake.
“We’re pleased to provide parents with an option that makes picking a birthday party theme that much easier,” says Erica Van Kamp, Marketing Manager, Girls Brands, Mattel Canada Inc. “We’ve worked with Famous Players to create two totally Barbie-themed birthday packages that every little girl will love. For more information call 1-888-3-FAMOUS.”
If you’re having trouble picking a theme that will delight your little girl and her friends, there are several online resources that offer advice. Websites such as and provide various theme ideas and suggestions from parents on how to select and create party themes that meet your needs and make your child feel special.
Check out to get great theme ideas, such as these:
Dress-up Party – Pick up some nail polish, hair accessories, makeup, and dress-up clothes. Then, provide each girl with her own individual makeover followed by a photo shoot.
Princess Party – Make your little girl feel like royalty – decorate her throne with pastel streamers and balloons, give her a tiara, let the guests make their own wands and then serve a Princess Castle Cake.
Tea Party – Have everyone dress up and pretend to be grownups while pouring and sipping tea. Set up tables in the backyard with flowered tablecloths and matching tea set, and let each guest decorate their own teacup.
Stargazing Party – Pitch some tents for a backyard sleepover, borrow or rent a telescope, and purchase a star map from your local hobby shop.
Whether you’re planning a party in the backyard, or at a venue outside of the home, save yourself time and eliminate most of the typical birthday party frustration by picking a simple theme that meets your budget and expectations.

Party Sounds And Uproars

Party Sounds And Uproars

Bang! Clang! Swoosh! Clap, clap, clap! Ding! Dobidobidoo! A party is not a party without all the commotion and the noise that comes with it. In the Chinese tradition, the onset of the New Year at exactly midnight should be greeted and met with noise and clamor to drive out the bad spirits and vibes of the past year and welcome the new one fresh. A birthday party is always fun when it has the complete elements of music and sounds that translate happiness and celebration.

The market offers a wide range and selection of noisemakers that can suit any party theme. Here are a few popular choices.


Whistling is a neat trick. You just purge your lips together and push air towards the front of your mouth to produce a high pitched sound. Albeit whistling is fairly easy not everyone can do it. What better way to satisfy this frustration than getting a whistle. These woodwind gadgets work by forcing a stream of air in the device thereby producing a whistling sound. Whistles are popular among children and are well liked party favors. Party whistles are usually made of plastic and come in bright colors.


From its name itself, you can be clued in that this party good makes a lot of noise. This contraption works like a horn with innovations. When blown, the roll of paper shaped like a tongue attached to the horn is unfurled and a reverberating noise is created. This item is a favorite not only by kids but by adults as well. It is a fun way of sort of sticking your tongue at someone or getting to tickle someone’s ear by blowing out into them.


If you love dancing and music, you can never go wrong with Maracas. Maracas are percussion instruments which are usually made up of dried seeds contained in coconut shells. Just shake and make some party noise.

Horns and Trumpets

These party favors come in miniature shapes and brighter colors than their actual counterparts. But you can bet that they can generate the same volume of sound or at times noise as the bigger ones. These party noisemakers are perfect for those aspiring musicians of any age.


Tambourines like the Maracas are all good for a festive dance party. The small metal jingles securely attached to a wooden or plastic frame makes a great sound. Few shakes here, some rattles there and just let all the party fun times roll.


A round of applause is always welcome. Although one can definitely and easily make a clapping sound with their two hands, there is something about clappers that attracts the kid in all of us. These clappers are made of plastic and vivid colors that entice us to give those hands a rest and let the clappers do the job.

Party poppers

Party poppers are a great delight in parties. They not only produce a big bang but they boost the surprise and merriment with a cascade of paper confetti that blasts out of its cans when sufficient pressure is applied.

Crackers snaps

This party good is made up of two pieces of thin narrow cardboard joined together. The central point is treated with silver fulminate, a kind of explosive material. The fun comes when two partygoers pull the free ends of the snap causing the center to break and set off an explosion.

These crackers may contain a small bit of paper with a motto or a note in them. This could be one great match-making idea at a party.

Ten Easy Steps to Great Kids Party Games

Ten Easy Steps to Great Kids Party Games

One of the most important elements of any kids birthday party is the time spent playing party games. If well planned, they can make great memories for the birthday child and guests alike; if not, they can be a minefield of problems. Don’t despair! A little forethought and common sense are all that’s needed to make your game time a smashing success!
Follow these ten easy steps to great kids party games:
1. Group together at least six to eight appropriate party games then adjust down according to your party timetable. Remember it’s better to have more activities planned than not enough.
2. Run through each game to iron out any glitches that might arise. The party child will be only too happy to help with this and get a sneak preview of the party agenda in the process!
3. Enlist other adults as helpers so things will run smoothly and stress-free. You can promise to reciprocate when their child’s birthday rolls around!
4. Ages and abilities of your party guests should be considered when choosing your party activities. A five year old won’t be capable of playing charades, but he can probably pop a balloon with his bottom to get the prize inside!
5. Timing is everything! Start your party with an icebreaker game while guests are arriving and end with a quiet game to help kids wind down from all the party excitement.
6. Gather materials you’ll need for each party game in advance and place them in the pre-selected kid-safe location. Pin the Tail on the Donkey just isn’t the same when you’ve forgotten the blindfold!
7. Arbitrate – adult leaders should understand the rules of the games and gently enforce them. Kids have a strong sense of what’s fair and will look to the adults to keep everyone playing by the rules.
8. Make sure each child gets a prize for his or her efforts so everyone feels like a winner. Wrapped candy, stickers, erasers, pencils, coins, medals and other small tokens make great prize incentives.
9. Encouragement and enthusiasm keep guests motivated and happy. For a fun twist, change the rules of the game and give a prize not only to the first player, but to the last one, saying it was the secret plan of the game.
10. Success! Congratulate yourself on a job well done! When your pooped party guests go home to Mom and Dad, this is the part they’ll talk about the most!
By taking the first letter of each of the ten steps above, you can spell out what you will accomplish when you follow this guideline: GREAT GAMES!

Party Animal

Party Animal

We all know a party animal right? You may even have seen someone in a movie that reminds you of someone who is in your life now, or perhaps someone you used to know. This is the type of person who is a ton of fun in college or even in high school, but once you grow up and enter the real world, they can quickly become a bore. Even worse is the person who marries the party animal when they have started to tone down their wild ways. When one is a nut and the other isn’t into it any longer, things can get tricky rather quickly.

Sadly, there are many who grow into their thirties while remaining the party animal. For a while it’s ok, but one by one their friends settle down a bit, and many don’t spend a lot of time out on the town. They have families and obligations, and they limit their nights out to one or two a month, and they do it quite happily. This is not good for the party animal though, as they can’t see to get enough, and perhaps feel all of the partying keeps them young. They have to find new people to party with, and that means they have to start hanging out with those who are sometimes a lot younger than they are.

There may be nothing wrong with this for the party animal at first, but it’s the same old story after a while. One day you are the life of the party, and the next day you are the creepy old guy that won’t go away. You may think you are still the same old wild party animal, but to the younger crowd now populating the bar, you are starting to look like one big loser. You may not realize how silly you look, but if you look around and everyone else is at least ten years younger than you, you might want to rethink what you are doing.

Even the wildest party animal must tone it down after a while. You have no say in it really, as your body will do it for you. Your hangovers will get worse, and you won’t bounce back like you once did. If you keep showing up hung over and worthless for your job, you are going to get canned if you don’t clean up your act. You can still be a party animal, but you may just have to change where you party, or how often you party. If you can pull yourself out of the party haze, you may find a whole new and rather enticing life waiting for you.