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Planning a Backyard Barbeque Party

Planning a Backyard Barbeque Party

If you regularly cook your meals on a barbeque grill, you are not alone. Grilling is a popular American pastime. While many individuals end up grilling for their family, not everyone makes the decision to host a backyard barbeque party, despite the fact that it is a good idea. If you are interested in socializing and sharing good food with your friends, family, coworkers, or neighbors, you may want to, at least, think about planning a backyard barbeque party.

Backyard barbeque parties, like most other parties, require planning. While the planning associated with a backyard barbeque may not be as large as most other parties, it is still important. The proper planning of a party, including a barbeque, will help to ensure that your party is the best that it can be. For that reason, you may want to start making party plans as soon as you make the decision to host a party.

Since backyard barbeque parties are centered on food, you will want to think about the food that you will serve. To please all of your party guests, you will want to have a fairly large selection of meats. This will help to make sure that all of your party guests are able to eat the foods that they like. In addition to meats, you may also want to think about side dishes. Popular barbeque party side dishes may include, but should not be limited to, toss salads, macaroni salads, coleslaw, and fruit salads.

In addition to the foods that you are interested in serving, you may also want to plan how those foods will be made. Of course, the purpose of a barbeque party is to grill the foods then, but most of the side dishes will need to be prepared ahead of time. To ensure that all of your side dishes are prepared on time, you may want to start cooking them the day before your barbeque or earlier that morning. If you are having a large party, you may need to make a large amount of food. If this is the cases, it may be a good idea to have party guests bring a small side dish.

Aside from the main food, served at your barbecue, you may also want to think about drinks and snacks. For a reasonable price, you should be able to obtain a number of different snacks for your barbeque. Great snack ideas include crackers and cheese, cookies, chips, and pretzels. For drinks, you need to decide as to whether or not you want alcoholic beverages served at your party. Regardless of whether or not you choose to serve alcohol, you should be able to purchase your party drinks from most supermarkets.

While backyard barbeques are center on food, additional activities may be a good idea. At most department stores, you should be able to find a number of affordable toys or backyard activities. Many individuals, especially teens or adult males, enjoy playing sports. A football, basketball or horseshoe pit may be a great addition to your backyard barbeque. If children will be attending your party, you may want to have child friendly games on hand.

If you have a pool, it may be a good idea to incorporate swimming into your backyard barbeque; however, it is optional. If you are planning on allowing your party guests to use your pool, you may want to think about establishing some rules. These rules should focus on pool safety and children in the pool. While establishing rules at your barbeque may seem like a bad idea, it is not, especially when it comes to pool safety.

Of course, you will also want to invite your guests to your party. This can be done with formal invitations, a quick phone call, or a quick email. In addition to informing guest of your impending barbeque party, a guest list may also help you prepare for the big day.

Graduation Party

<H3>Graduation Party</H3>

Graduation is a time to celebrate many accomplishments so a nice party is often in order. You will need to think about your budget for it as well as what you want the affair to be like. Early planning is important as many people will be hosting graduation parties on the same day. This means caterers, rental halls, and DJ’s all will be booking up fast and if you wait you will not get what you are looking for.

If you are going to throw a graduation party you should have the information ready when you send out the announcements. This way you can add additional information for those that are added to the party. It may be everyone on the list or just those that are close to the family. A graduation party can be a small intimate affair or a large party with food, music, and fun until the late hours.

Students will often have their own version of what a graduation party should be like. They will likely want to hang out with their friends to celebrate their day. This means you can get together with some other parents and have a graduation party for several students at the same time. It will ensure they get to hang out together and splitting the cost can help you all to have the party you want to host without feeling the financial pinch from it.

There are plenty of great decorations and announcements you can choose from for a graduation party. You can look at party stores and online to get the best selection and to compare prices. Most parents will agree that the students should be involved in the planning too. This way they are happy with the way the graduation party is handled. Kids that age have a whole different outlook on many things including music and décor.

Hosting a graduation party though is a great way to let your student know you are very proud of their accomplishments. They have worked hard to reach their goals and it needs to be rewarded. Not all graduation parties have to be for high school students. People of all ages end up graduating from college each year as well.

Planning a Pool Party: What You Need to Prepare For

Planning a Pool Party: What You Need to Prepare For

Each year, a large number of Americans search for the perfect party idea. If you have a pool in your backyard, you may already have what is needed for the perfect party, a pool. Pool parties are nice because they not only allow you to socialize with those that you know, but they also give everyone a way to cool off. If you are thinking about hosting a pool party, you will need to start planning. Despite what you may think there is actually a lot of planning involved in hosting a pool party.

Perhaps, the first step in planning a pool party is to let everyone know that you are having one. Although pool parties may not be like birthday parties or Christmas parties, you may still want to send invitations to your guests. These invitations, if you choose to send them, do not have to be elaborate. In fact, since your pool party will most likely be casual, your invitations should be as well. If invitations are not your style, you will want to phone your friends or send them an email, inviting them to your pool party.

Once you have let your guests know that you are planning a pool party, you can then start preparing for the party. While it is not always important, you may want to consider confirming with guests whether or not they will be able to attend. Having an accurate guest count may help you better prepare for your party. In fact, a guest count may enable you to determine how much food, drinks, or snacks you should have on hand.

If you are planning on including a barbeque with your pool party, you will need to decide what type of food you would like to serve. Like any other special occasion, you may want to have a wide variety of different foods. This will ensure that there will be at least one thing on the menu that each guest will enjoy. In addition to main courses, such as meat, you will also want to include side dishes. These side dishes commonly include fruits, vegetables, and salads.

After you have decided which foods you would like served at your barbeque, you will also need to think about making them. Even if your party isn’t for a few weeks, you may still want to develop a cooking schedule ahead of time. Although your main courses, such as barbequed meat, will be prepared the day of your pool party, you may want to prepare everything else earlier that day or the day before. This will help not only to ensure that you get all of the food prepared on time, but that you are also able to enjoy your own party.

As previously mentioned, you may want to include a barbeque with your pool party; however, it is not required. If you are planning on having a pool party, without serving a large meal, you may still want to have snacks and drinks on hand. Non-alcoholic drinks and most snack foods can be purchased for a reasonable price. Alcoholic drinks make for a great party, but some drinks can be expensive to purchase, especially in large quantities.

Aside from the food and entertainment, you may also want to make sure that you have a number of pool supplies and accessories on hand. These items may include, but should not be limited to, beach balls, lifejackets, arm floaties, swim rings, floating chairs, and other popular swim toys. If you do not already have a large collection of swim toys, you can easily purchase a few low-cost ones. Many pool toys, such as swim rings, arm floaties, and beach balls, can be purchased for a reasonable price. In fact, many of these items only cost around two or three dollars. It may also be a good idea to have extra towels on hand, just in case any of your guests forget to bring theirs.

Although pool parties are designed to be fun, you may want to establish some pool rules ahead of time. These rules may help to keep your pool and your pool party guests safe, especially young children. Whether you plan a simple pool party or an elaborate one, it is likely that you will be happy with your decision to plan your party, ahead of time.

Getting to Know More About the Newest Insect Control Innovation

Getting to Know More About the Newest Insect Control Innovation

Football equals Party, no other sport is so related to a party. Superbowl weekend attracts no American like any other sport event can. So its no wonder that many people don’t care if they don’t even get inside the stadium, having a tailgate party would be enough. A TV showing the action could spark the emotions in people just like watching the game itself.
When you say tailgate party the first thing that comes to mind is football and beer. But anyone could do that. To make a party that everyone remembers is to make a party that’s a cut above the rest. The first thing to consider is having a party that’s extremely comfortable. That includes having a party that’s insect free.
Insects can be a nuisance when your having fun, its not enough that they’re irritating, they have to get into the food.
There’s no other party spoiler as devastating as the invasion of insects. They get into the food and ruin everything else
This is a party buster that can ruin a heck of a good time.
There are certain measures that a good tailgate host can do to make a party error and pest free.
One of the most reliable insect control innovations is having the electronic insect zapper. They emit a sound and light that’s attuned to the insects and diverts its attention to the device and away from the party.
Usually, this is battery powered and emits a light that’s virtually extremely attractive to insects. Once they get near, they get zapped with a small electrical discharge that eliminates the insects and pests.
There are also some innovative scientific insect control gadgets that rely on sound waves that deflect the incoming wave of ants. Ants can be the bane of any outdoor party. Just leave a dish uncovered and you could find a swarm of ants covering it.
Fight fire with fire. Innovative small spurting canisters emit controlled fire to eliminate pests and insects. Take out your mini tank and extinguish the insects and pests that can eventually ruin your party. Just do this before your guests arrive.
But most importantly, keep your food properly enclosed. Closing it eliminates the escape of scent, which attracts the insects and pests. If they don’t know there’s a treat for them, they wont bother you. Prevention is still the best control over pests and insects.
The next time you plan a party or picnic, make use of odor-free, no leakage food containers. Also keep that insect at a distance and away from the food. Don’t let your parties ruined by a bunch of insects.
The internet is still your best source for the newest insect control innovation.

School Classroom Parties 101

School Classroom Parties 101

In the past several years I’ve volunteered to help in my children’s classrooms in a lot of different capacities. To me, being a room mother is the most challenging and stressful volunteer positions I’ve held.
Room mothers are usually responsible for planning and hosting holiday parties for the class. Unfortunately, teachers often don’t provide much information or guidance, and children have high hopes for a fun party.
Here’s what I’ve learned over the years to make it the most fun for everyone involved.
Know What To Ask The Teacher
Okay, you’ve volunteered to be a room mother… now what?
You’ve got to ask questions. I usually send in a note with the following questions, but you could also call the teacher and ask.
– What is the room mother responsible for?
– Are there other parent volunteers?
– How many parties will there be?
– When will they take place?
– Are the parties for the holidays or are they “generic” like a Winter party instead of a Christmas party?
– Is there are budget or is each party donation based?
– How many children are in the class?
– Are siblings welcome?
– Are there any food allergies?
– Do any of the children have any physical disabilities?
– How much time will be allotted for the party?
– When will it start and end?
– Are decorations necessary?
– Are paper supplies like napkins, plates, and cups available through the school cafeteria?
– What activities do you prefer for the party? (Usually there is food, a craft project, and a few games, but your teacher may have a different idea.)
– Will any classroom supplies be available for the party? (Scissors, glue, paper, etc.)
– Is music allowed? (Some classes are too close together to allow for music during the party.)
– Can classroom furniture be moved around?
– Do you have any food preferences or are there any rules about the food? (Our school requires all food brought into the school to be commercially prepared.)
– Will you have access to a refrigerator and/or freezer?
– Are goodie bags appropriate?
– When will you be able to set up for the party?
– If you’re hosting a Halloween party or other special event, be sure to ask about costumes or other things relevant to the party.
Once You Have The Answers…
Once you have a good idea of what is expected, it’s time to start planning the first party. Try to allow yourself at least three weeks to pull it all together.
Write out your party plan. Be sure to include food, supplies, crafts, and any props you’ll need for the party games. Once that’s done, you should send out requests for help.
If you need to have other parent volunteers on the party day or you would like parents to send in food and supplies, you’ll want to send out your requests for help at least a week or two before the party. Keep a list of who is bringing what and be sure to follow up and remind them the day before the party.
Prepare Ahead As Much As Possible
Preparation is really the key to a successful party. Here are a few tips…
If you plan a craft, have items pre-cut if necessary. Put individual craft supplies into sandwich bags and create one bag for each child to make it easy to pass them out and get started. Be sure to have extra supplies on hand to handle accidents. You should also make up one of the crafts ahead of time so you can show them what they will be making.
If you plan to have goodie bags for the children, prepare them ahead of time and make sure you have one for each child. You may also want to have a couple extra on hand.
Make sure you have a couple of food choices on hand so that everyone will have something that they like. It usually works well to have something sweet, something salty, and a couple of healthy choices like fruit or veggies. Don’t forget the drinks.
In addition, you’ll want to make sure to have plenty of napkins, cups and plates available. Bring along a roll of paper towels in case there are spills or accidents.
The Day of The Party…
Get there early to set up. You may not have a lot of setup to do, but you’ll at least need to set up the food. It will also take some time to bring everything in from the car. Many parents use a wagon to help them get everything into the classroom.
Display all the food for the children to see… you want to try to keep them excited. In addition, you’ll want to set up game props, craft supplies, etc. before the party. Children won’t be able to wait around for you to get your act together when it’s party time.
This is also a good time to let your party helpers (parent volunteers) know what they can do to help out with the party.
One last preparation tip – bring along a couple of trash bags. Clean up as you go as much as possible… picking things up as you go will make spills and accidents less likely and after party cleanup will be a snap.
It’s Party Time!
You’ve done your homework and planned everything out… now it’s time to follow your plan and enjoy the party. Be sure to take pictures (they make great classroom gifts later on) and interact with the children. Don’t be afraid to talk to them and help them if they need it.
Most of all, try to have fun! If you’re having fun and smiling, the kids will have a ball.
Don’t forget to pass out the goodie bags at the end of the party!
After The Party
Clean up all the food, pack away the left-overs(unless the teachers or other parents want to take them home), and try to leave the classroom as clean as it was when you arrived.
Last, but not least, thank the parent volunteers and the teachers for their help!

How To Set Up A Halloween Party For Adults

How To Set Up A Halloween Party For Adults

Are you planning on hosting a Halloween party? If you are, then ask yourself if you know what kind of party it’s going to be. You might consider throwing a Halloween party for adults. It’s easy to plan, and a fun way to spend some quality time with your friends and family. In fact, it’s easier to plan a Halloween party aimed at adults than it is to set one up for kids, or for people of all ages. That said, there is a quite a bit of preparation and planning involved, and you’ll have to start early. The sooner you do, the sooner you can begin the festivities and enjoy yourself.

Invitations are an important thing, as with any other party. You should probably even invite people before you begin planning the rest of the party. Holiday seasons are always busy, and you’ll want to give people breathing space by making the invitations early, ideally a month beforehand. Make clear on your invitations that your party is for adults, as your guests may well end up bringing their kids otherwise.

Once the invitations, or at a minimum, your guest list, has been taken care of, you should begin arranging the rest. First of all, figure out what kinds of refreshments you’ll be offering. Naturally, since you’ll be catering to adults, you should have a well-stocked bar. It’s not obligatory to have alcohol at a Halloween party, of course, but it’s nice to have it on hand for those who want. Think also about what kind of other food and drink you’ll need. Will you serve dinner at your party? If you don’t plan to, then get a good assortment of snacks.

Games aren’t just for kids. It’s also lots of fun for adults to play party games. They’re a great way to keep your guests entertained. You can find a good variety of games geared towards adults online by doing a simple search. You can also go to your local retail store. The games don’t necessarily have to relate to Halloween. Just choose something fun.

Decide also where exactly your party will be held in your home. It’s pretty common for people to throw parties that will extend into several rooms, but it’s ultimately your call. It’s possible to have one in the dining room, living room, kitchen, rec room, den, and so on. It depends on how big your party will be and what you have planned. As well as cleaning and beautifying the rooms you’ll be using, you should figure out what kinds of decorations you’ll be using to contribute to your Halloween theme. There’s no point having a Halloween party without throwing in some scary-looking decorations, after all. They will really fill the air with a holiday spirit and give your party character.

Hosting a Halloween party for adults is a major undertaking, but it will be lots of fun to plan. If you start out early, get everything set up right, and make sure your family and friends are able to come, you can be sure your party will be a success before it even begins.

Dinner party ideas

Dinner party ideas

One of the absolute best parties that I have ever been invited to and attended, was a “surprise” dinner party. We received the invitation saying that we had been invited to a surprise dinner party, and the guests would not know what the surprise was for. We racked our brains trying to figure out who’s anniversary or birthday it was, but we were clueless. We just showed up with anticipation and a bit of excitement, not knowing what to expect. When we arrived, our friend’s home was decorated fabulously and the aroma of a freshly cooked meal filled the house.

The hosts refused to tell anyone what the party was about until all of the guests had arrived. She kept us in her kitchen and dining room with some appetizers until we had all assembled. Then, she told us that she had thrown all of us a surprise party because we’d been such wonderful friends and didn’t get together nearly enough. She knew that the only way to get everyone to agree to just show up without offering to help or bring anything was to do it this way. We all loved what she’d done and had an amazing time. I have to say that was one of the best dinner party ideas I’ve ever come across.

There are lots of reasons that you may be needing to come up with some dinner party ideas. Perhaps it is an anniversary or a birthday, an engagement or graduation that you are wanting to celebrate. No matter what the occasion, it never hurts to come up with some creative dinner party ideas. There’s always the traditional dinner parties that involve a huge cookout or standard gathering. They tend to be forgotten rather quickly. You could find some fun and exciting dinner party ideas that may have your guests talking about it years later. Perhaps a Hawaiian theme would be fun, or a beach theme. Sometimes people will make it a costume party, no matter what season of the year it happens to be. I’ve witnessed adults throwing other adults a kid’s themed party, with childish games and foods. By the time they were done with the piñata, every adult was laughing hysterically. Lots of dinner party ideas involve games. Not everyone enjoys games, so keep that in mind.

One of my favorite dinner party ideas is to have a mystery dinner party. Everyone arrives in character and costume and tries to solve a mystery. It is a wonderful way to get people to use their imaginations and interacting with others. Plus, it can be tons of fun. Cater your dinner party ideas to the occasion or the season, but always cater it towards having a great time.

A Bachelorette Party

A Bachelorette Party

What better way to say “goodbye” to your girlfriend’s single way of life than hosting a bachelorette party. A bachelorette party can be a “wild” time on the town or as simple as a night at the movies and/or dinner. The most important thing to remember is that the party should reflect the personality of the bride to be. If the bride does not like the bar scene or did not drink alcohol, you certainly would not arrange to go bar hoping all night long.

There are all sorts of possibilities for a good bachelorette party. A quiet dinner followed by a movie or a dinner theatre is always entertaining. A day at the spa pampering, or a good old fashion pajama party is simple to organize and always fun.

Another favorite idea for a bachelorette party is a night on the town. Visiting the local “hot spots” or the bride-to-be’s favorite pub are always options for a good party. Renting a limo for the night really adds to the “night out” theme and everyone attending can have a good time and not worry about driving if they have been drinking. Attending a ‘male revue” like the Chippendale dancers has become a very popular idea for a bachlorette party.

Whatever you decide on for hosting a bachelorette party, do keep in the mind the personality of the bride-to-be, and how early she will have to get up in the morning!

Top 10 Tips for Planning Your Party Like a Pro

Top 10 Tips for Planning Your Party Like a Pro

Entertaining people in your home is always wrought with a bit of stress and anxiety. Simply getting everything ready before the party is enough to make most people pull out their hair. And, the self-doubt and worry about last minute details is enough to send most people over the edge of comfort. However, planning your party does not need to be this way. Here are ten time tested tips to help you plan the best party with the least possible pre-party stress.

Tip #1 – The best thing you can do for yourself is to write down a master party shopping list and a list of what needs to be accomplished around your home before the date of the party. Get out a calendar and mark off some time to shop and clean your home.

Tip #2 – Enlist the help of your spouse or children in the process of cleaning and de-cluttering your home for the party. While they may not do the “perfect” job that you would, you can always go back with a quick vacuum or dust cloth and finish up the job later.

Tip #3 – When your guests arrive they will need a place to hang their coats and place their purses. One of the easiest things you can do is to clean out your entry-hall coat closet for them to use. If you have a bunch of stuff in there, then you should either find it a new home or box it up until after your party is over.

Tip #4 – When you shop, think about if you will want to send home leftovers with your guests. If you will, then you should pick-up some inexpensive containers which you can send home food in and not have to worry about retrieving your plates or bowls at a later date.

Tip #5 – It is also nice to plan for enough leftovers from your party that you will not have to cook or prepare food on the day after your party. Let’s face it, the day after your party you will be exhausted, and by not having to cook you can relax and enjoy the day with your family.

Tip #6 – When you go to the store to purchase the non-perishables for your party, you can leave them in the grocery bags until the day before the party. Rather than unpack everything and put it away in your cupboards where people might mistakenly eat it, you can simply leave everything in the bags and keep them in an out of the way place until the day before the party. (I highly suggest looking at everything the day before and making sure you didn’t forget something at the store which is vital. This will keep you from having to make emergency store runs on the day of your party when you have other things to do.)

Tip #7 – If you are having an evening party near the Christmas holiday season, you might want to get together ahead of time with your friends and organize a cookie exchange. By doing this you can have tons of different cookies to offer your guests, even though you only had to make one kind of them.
Tip #8 – If your guests will be drinking wine, it is a great idea to use some inexpensive wine glass charms. This will allow your guests to always know which glass is theirs and keeps them from using too many other glasses. Put the charms on before your party to save time when you are serving your guest’s drinks.

Tip #9 – One of the best things you can do when planning your party is to ask other people to bring food or beverages. Many times people ask what they can bring, and you should take them up on their offers. Not only does this cut-down on the budget for your party, it also allows you to spend less time cooking and more time with your guests.

Kids Party Etiquette for Parents

Kids Party Etiquette for Parents

The rule of thumb passed down by experienced Moms and Dads is to invite the same number of party guests as your child’s age. Resist the temptation to invite every child in your child’s classroom. Be discrete and avoid hurt feelings by mailing invitations home instead of passing them out in school. A manageable party is a more enjoyable one both for the party attendants and for you!
An hour is sufficient for toddlers and pre-schoolers when naptimes are still an issue. Plan your party when the birthday child will be freshest and best able to handle all the excitement, perhaps a morning brunch is best.
For older school age children, a two to three hour party at any time of day is a safe bet; evening parties and sleep-overs are popular options for pre-teens.
Always include an RSVP date and phone number on your party invitations. In the event of a guest failing to RSVP, a cordial call on or after your RSVP date is perfectly acceptable. Sometimes mail is delayed and other mishaps occur, and you need to be sure that the invitation was received. In addition, knowing the exact guest count is necessary for planning purposes.
Children may sometimes express their true, and not necessarily polite, feelings about a gift they have received. In advance of the party, explain to your child that it’s necessary to thank all the gift-givers with equal enthusiasm, no matter what the gift. Impress upon your him or her that each guest feels their gift is special, and that it’s the thought behind it that counts.
If you plan to open gifts at the party, make it early before kids are tired, cranky and hyped with sugar. Of course, this issue can be avoided entirely by opening the gifts after guests have departed, a time-saving practice which prevents the embarrassment of the party child making ungrateful comments.
There’s nothing wrong with good old-fashioned competition; it gets the adrenalin going and cranks up the excitement. Just make sure that the elements of each game are manageable for the age group you are inviting. A trial run with the party child prior to the party will likely head off any problems.
In addition, small gifts such as a lollipop or small trinket given to every player for completing the game is preferable to awarding one large prize to the winner only. Planning a craft activity or end-of-party reading time will involve all the guests, even the quieter ones.
Be very clear on your party invitation by using the name of the guest invited. Some people will ignore the obvious and do what’s convenient for them anyway, so have a few extra goodie bags on hand for siblings who just show up.
If you’re having an outdoor party, it’s good common sense to have a rainy day alternative. Confirm your entertainer one week before party time, but prepare a handful of games you can orchestrate on your own, if necessary. If a guest or two are late for the festivities, don’t delay your schedule but keep on as planned. Although no-shows, delays, and inclement weather are party bummers, you can still pull it off like professional with a little advance preparation.
Here’s where some advance coaching is in order. Emphasize the important role your child has as the party host or hostess to make guests feel comfortable. Discuss the responsibilities s/he will have such as greeting the guests, showing them where to sit at the party table, and handing out party favors.
Stress that through helping others enjoy the day, your child will likely have a better time too. A gentle reminder during the party should be all that’s needed once you’ve laid down the ground rules.
The party excitement, coupled with sugar intake, can lead to tantrums, tears, and other misbehavior. Step back a moment and try to handle these problems with patience and diplomacy. A little attention and redirection is sometimes all that’s needed to remedy the situation. Give the child a special job to do or make them an honorary party helper.
If the behavior escalates, don’t be afraid to separate the child to a quiet room. Explain that bad behavior will not be tolerated and that the parents will be called to take him or her home if it continues.
If there’s a gift receipt attached from a thoughtful parent, you’re golden. Otherwise, don’t get into it with another parent unless you can do so without causing offense. You can try just returning the gift for store credit, if you know where it was purchased. Or, stash it away with the name of the original gift-giver taped to it. This way you can recycle the gift, making sure it goes to an entirely new (and hopefully appreciative) child.
Thank you notes are an excellent way to promote good manners and appreciation in your children. Not only are they important social skill builders, they foster good writing and creativity as well. Kids will learn to enjoy writing thank you cards if you make it a fun project by using colorful note cards and glittery gel pens or let them design their own on the computer.
For younger children, it’s okay for the parent to write the note and have the party child sign it. The party child could even draw a picture which Mom or Dad can copy and send as a thank you. The “fill-in-the-blanks” type thank you note are a great alternative too. Another super idea is to include a picture of the guest taken with the party child along with the thank you note.
Incidentally, it’s critical to keep a careful list of who-gave-what so thank you notes can be sent without mix-ups.
If you’re unsure if you can accompany your child to a party, just be up front with the parents beforehand and ask what their party plans are. The RSVP call is a great time to ask questions. Most parents of younger children know some kids are more comfortable with their parents around and plan accordingly. (A pot of coffee and extra cake or munchies for the adults.) Most parents will offer to help if they stay an extra bonus for the host/hostess!

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