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Data Recovery And Infection Protection Tips From TCS Computers

Today's computer systems offer some wonderful features, all of which make life a lot easier. Data recovery service: The Internet is the perfect place to find information quickly, e-mail and online chat are an easy way to meet with friends over the world, and downloading the software is a useful method of expanding your computer's capabilities.

However, every one of those activities Is the perfect method for viruses to replicate.

As the code for viruses becomes more complex, it is easier for the user to activate them. Some viruses can then use the host's address book and other contact details to spread to hundreds or thousands of other computers within minutes.

Data Recovery Service And Infection Protection Tips

To prevent the instant infection and Replication of viruses from your computer, you can use these quick security measures to tighten up your PC. These measures will make it more difficult for viruses to activate, extract their payload and/or spread to your friends, work colleagues and clients.

Disable the Windows Scripting Host

Recently, Microsoft introduced a "macro" programming language into the core of Windows and IE browsers, which allows Visual Basic scripts to run without the need for specialist software. Although this can make your computer easier to use (being able to program shortcuts, or use third-party VB scripts) it is also a security hole. A typical PC does not need Scripting Host to function correctly, and it should be safe to disable it.To remove WSH from your computer, open up your Control Panel and select the Add/Remove Programs icon. Select the "Windows

Setup" tab, double-click on the Accessories section and untick the box next to "Windows Scripting Host."

Know What Files You Are About To Use

Every file on your computer is named in Two parts, the filename, and the extension. The filename is shown under the icons in Windows and is set by you when you save your files. Although the icon shown for each file can tell you what type of file it is, this isn't always reliable, and it is best to use the file extension. For example, Microsoft Word uses the ".Doc" extension, web pages are ".htm", and VB scripts that may be malicious use ".vbs". Microsoft Windows by default hides These file extensions, which is the perfect opportunity for viruses to try and hide their identity. Viruses often try to trick users by calling themselves "filename.doc.vbs", because the real extension would be hidden and it would look to the user like any normal Word document.To enable file extensions on your computer, open up My Computer and select "Folder Options" from the Tools menu.

Select the "View." tab, and untick the box next to "Hide file extensions for known file types."

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