The 9 Best Things About Functional Medicine Chiropractic Care In Denver

Our health deteriorates with the passage of time. The functional Medicine Chiropractic in Denver By Dr. Glenn, through its advanced techniques, offers you the possibility to measure your level of health, getting the necessary information to develop the strategies and a personalized treatment that will help you to live a life as long and fruitful Possible enjoying optimal physical and mental health.

Functional Medicine is based on seven pillars:​

  • Healthy life style
  • Antiaging Nutrition
  • Nutritional Supplements Administration
  • Detoxification of the body
  • Bio Identical Hormonal Therapy
  • Advanced Therapies in Longevity
  • Aesthetic Procedures

The focus of functional medicine towards evaluation.

​Functional medicine is a development of the regular school medicine and is based on scientific principles and methods. Unlike traditional health care, focusing on the disease, which involves interaction between the person's history, physical and social environment, genetics, nutritional status, diet, lifestyle, mental, emotional and spiritual health, and how these can affect health long-term.

Functional medicine is based inter alia on the following principles:

  • Every person is biochemically individual, partly due to variations in the metabolic function, genetic and environmental differences.
  • Functional Medicine supports, cleanses and heals the body functions (bodies) rather than treat a disease.​
  • Functional Medicine takes into account that there is a dynamic balance between internal and external factors.
  • In functional medicine understands that there are interconnections between different physiological factors.
  • Health is a positive vitality, not merely the absence of disease.

Functional medicine includes nutritional therapy

Nutritional therapist tailors each treatment by combining different nutrients often herbs, in order to support various glandular and organ functions or the entire system. The nutritional therapy includes nutritional counseling, and often lifestyle advice.

Why functional medicine can complement our healthcare?

Our health care is very valuable when it comes to treating acute trauma and diseases in which the doctor can prescribe medication or surgery for an immediate problem or symptoms. But in most cases it does not take into account the individual's increasing exposure to toxins, lifestyle, dietary influences on health and other important causes for chronic diseases and syndrome increases.

Most doctors are not sufficiently trained to identify the underlying causes of ill health and they also lack of knowledge on how to put up a treatment plan with the help of supportive nutrient shot, healing diet, physical activity and lifestyle changes to prevent or treat these problems.There is a large gap of time between the new research and the way the doctor working on. Functional medicine combines research and expands it as a clinical tool. That includes nutritional supplements, enzymes and herbs and giving individual advice regarding exercise, detoxification, healing diet and stress reduction.

Functional Medicine Expert Chiropractic in Denver tries to find the reasons why biochemical imbalances have emerged, and the aim is to support the health of your entire body by trying to create a dynamic equilibrium between the various body systems through lifestyle changes, healing diet, herbs and nutritional supplements.

​Chiropractic Care Denver– Functional Medicine Expert

Functional medicine specialists are doctors in general medicine or chiropractic care, who take postgraduate courses in this specialty. They are trained in reading laboratories in detail and specialized laboratories, among other things. Not every doctor has the knowledge in this branch, orientate before looking for a doctor in functional medicine.

Dr. Glenn – functional medicine expert Chiropractic Care in Denver offers you advice on lifestyle and the most appropriate diet in your personal case, functional tests specific to you and, if necessary, food supplements that help you regain optimal health.

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